Multi HODL is Here: Manage Risk and Multiply Crypto Portfolio

Dec 17, 2019
multihodl crypto trading

Today, YouHodler is happy to introduce a new feature to it's expanding suite of financial services. Multi HODL is an innovative concept based on the Barbell Strategy that helps crypto HODLers multiply their portfolio by investing some amount into managed risk activities to produce higher yields.

YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov states that the Barbell Investment Strategy was a key inspiration for the Multi HODL feature.

“This strategy consists of ensuring 80% of your capital is invested in safe, risk-free assets. Meanwhile, the other 20% of the remaining capital is used for limited risk, but potentially highly profitable investments. On YouHodler, we managed to replicate the Barbell Strategy by combining our Stablecoin Savings Accounts with our newly introduced feature.”

How Multi HODL works

When a user chooses Multi HODL, the platform automatically takes a pre-determined percentage from a user’s savings account (e.g. 20%) and uses those funds as collateral to initiate an automated ‘chain of loans” (based on YouHodler’s Turbocharge feature). In this chain of loans, the funds from the first loan are used to buy more crypto to use as collateral for the next loan in the chain. This process is repeated up to ten times depending on the user’s choice. 

Users can choose from over twelve cryptos to “multiply” in the process as well as customize their risk level and set the desired ‘take profit’ point to close the position automatically. YouHodler states risk is limited with this feature and users cannot lose more than they set.

Multi HODL is "the best of both worlds" for crypto traders and HODLers

“Multi HODL gives our users the best of both worlds. Crypto traders can keep 80% in safe, profitable savings accounts and earn interest risk-free. Simultaneously, they can use 20% to engage in riskier maneuvers to multiply their crypto via our chain of loans. If the value of their crypto goes up in the process, then the user covers the platform’s interest fee and can keep the additional profit. If the value of the crypto goes down, then the trader can take comfort in the fact that 80% of their assets (plus interest)  are still secure in their savings account”

YouHodler suggests it’s clients use around 20% of their savings for maximum benefit in order to keep a diversified portfolio. Multi HODL is available for all YouHodler users today. 


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