It’s YouHodler’s Birthday! And We have a Gift for YOU!

Nov 11, 2022
A cake with the YouHodler logo celebrating YouHodler's 4th birthday

Happy Birthday to us! That’s right, this week, YouHodler is celebrating four glorious years together with our "Hodlers". Don’t worry, you don’t have to give us a gift. Instead, we decided to turn things around and give YOU a birthday gift. After that, join us on a trip down memory lane to reflect on our triumphant journey together over the last few years. 

Our birthday gift to you: New Bonuses and Referral Program

After four amazing years of innovation - we owe a lot to our loyal community. Hence, we want to give back to you with a new and improved Bonuses and Referral Program

The details surrounding this program are still in progress. Currently, it’s in the testing phase, with plans to release it to the public very soon.  Stay tuned for further details regarding our new Bonuses and Referral Program, so you can claim your birthday gift. 

*Bonus and referral programs may not be available in your country of residence at the initial stage.

Now, let’s rewind a bit to 2017. Where it all began...

From Silicon Valley to Crypto Valley

In 2017, YouHodler’s story started in a little place called Menlo Park, California - otherwise known as Silicon Valley. Home to some of the biggest companies that defined Web 2.0, the area provided us with the necessary foundation to kickstart our adventure into Web 3.0.

They were simple times with a small, hardworking team that had big ideas. But before we could evolve, we had to start small. 

The birth of crypto loans

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, YouHodler issued its first crypto loan on the platform. Back then, we were primarily a crypto lending platform. We were in the midst of a bear market and wanted to help people HODL their crypto while still using its value.

Our clients quickly fell in love with our crypto-backed loans and even started getting creative with how they were using them. Based on that behavior, YouHodler took its platform to a new level with Turbo Loans. 

Turbo Loans introduces the “chain of loans” concept

Once we saw clients using our basic crypto-backed loans to buy more crypto to use for another crypto-backed loan, we thought that was a great idea - but time-consuming. So to help everyone, we automated the process with Turbo Loans.

Turbo Loans allowed clients to initiate a chain of loans in just one click. This allowed them to save time on manual loans and stack crypto faster. Then, when the price of that crypto recovered, they could pay off the loan and keep whatever profit was left over. 

Turbo Loans was very popular but some clients desired a low-risk tool to accompany the higher-risk lending option. 

Competitive and stable rates come via YouHodler savings accounts

At the time, many other crypto platforms started offering insanely high-interest rates for staking and holding crypto on their platforms. We knew this wasn’t sustainable so we created a high-quality product that was stable, profitable, and efficient. 

YouHodler savings accounts quickly became one of our most popular features, offering much higher interest rates than traditional bank accounts and more security features than some anonymous DeFi protocols at the time. 

Clients then learned to use the Barbell Strategy:

  • Keep the majority of funds in a stable investment such as a savings account.
  • Use the rest for riskier, but potentially more profitable strategies like Classic Loans and Turbo Loans. 

Still, we wanted to listen to our client's needs and offer them an even more dynamic tool to take advantage of market volatility.

Multi HODL arrives: play with the market in either direction

As our team and client-base grew, so did our ideas. We wanted to offer something completely unique that no other platform had. Hence, we designed our own trading solution called Multi HODL.

To this day, Multi HODL is one of our most user-friendly and straightforward features. It’s easy to use for beginner traders but with enough advanced options for the most skilled day trader. We don’t like to brag, but no other platform has something like this. Don’t take our word for it though, you can check yourself!

Dual Asset: Low-risk trading for the everyday man

As simple as Multi HODL is, it still contains some element of risk. While many of our clients are happy to take that risk in exchange for some potential profit, other, less experienced traders wanted something different. So we gave it to them. 

Dual Asset is a dual currency investment feature and the only one on our platform that lets clients earn crypto or stablecoins at a floating yield rate depending on the market situation. So even during bearish weeks like this one, you’re still generating positive yield. 

Where are we today? - building a web3 bank

YouHodler annual meetup - November 2022

Now, in 2022 we have a well-rounded platform based in Crypto Valley Switzerland, with trading, exchanging, lending, and earning integrated all into one app. We’re not done building yet. We have our eyes set on Web3 and the evolution of finance. 

You may have read our recent interview with Ilya about our evolution into a Web3 banking platform. If you haven’t, we highly recommend it!

Suggested Reading: “Our Future is in Web3 Banking:” YouHodler CEO

We hope you enjoy our gift to you and again, we want to thank you for four great years together. So happy birthday to us and the entire YouHodler family and here’s to many more!

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