Ethereum "Turbo 10" and 90% LTV Now Live

Sep 6, 2019
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Yesterday, YouHodler announced a new campaign to help make ETH strong again. To kick off this monumental event, we announced zero commission for all users that want to buy ETH on the platform, along with several other features. Today, we are unlocking Turbo 10 to the world. A feature uniquely designed to multiply one’s ETH portfolio through the process of loans. Along with this announcement, we’d like to highlight Ethereum’s “Bull Run” loan plan now has a 90% LTV.

Turbo 10 is a special offer for Ethereum (ETH). In basic terms, this means clients using ETH as collateral, can take an automated Turbo Loan with up to ten loans in the chain of loans. A Turbo Loan on YouHodler is an automatic process that uses the original value from the first loan in a chain to buy more crypto which is then used as collateral for a second loan in the chain and so on.

This process is traditionally repeated 3-5 times on YouHodler but for this special promotion, we are allowing users to do this up to 10 times with ETH. Hence, users have a much greater potential to multiply their ETH holdings. Seeing as the price of ETH is relatively low now, this could be a fantastic opportunity to stockpile ETH at a discounted rate before it rises in value. As a team that firmly supports Vitalik Buterin and the Ethereum platform, we believe it’s only a matter of time before that happens. 

For a more detailed explanation on Turbo Loans with real examples, follow this link:

How Crypto Traders Use Crypto Loans to Get More Leverage

Also available for a limited time is a 90% LTV for Ethereum backed loans. This LTV can only be used on the “Bull Run” loan plan. Meanwhile, Turbo Loans is available for all loan plans. 

Disclaimer: Please be advised that using the Bull Run Plan helps one obtain a significantly larger amount of Coins, but has a higher risk potential due to the PDL level. If you want to decrease the risk level, please use Anti-Crisis loan plan.


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