Loan to value ratio: 90% on all ETH loans on YouHodler

Sep 9, 2019
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Loan to value ratio (LTV) is everything when it comes to loans. YouHodler is a few days into its “Make ETH Strong Again” campaign and as promised, we are unlocking even more wonderful features for ETH holders. Today, 90% LTV on ETH-backed loans is officially live on the platform. This LTV is currently higher than any other in the industry so here is how to take advantage of this limited offer today.

Get 90% loan to value ratio on ETH-backed loans in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Navigate to YouHodler.com and sign-up/sign in

Step 2. Deposit ETH into your personal ETH wallet. If you don’t have ETH, you can buy ETH on YouHodler with zero fees (for a limited time only).

Step 3: Click the “get loan” button and select the “Bull Run” loan plan to unlock the high, 90% LTV offer and enjoy getting more cash for your crypto than anywhere else. 

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With the recent hype around ETH and altcoins, now is the perfect time to get in on these special offers before the price potentially skyrockets. So head to YouHodler.com today to check out the following promotions:

  • No commission to buy ETH on YouHodler (available now)
  • Special ETH loan plan with the loan to value ratio (LTV) of 90% (available now)
  • “Turbo 10” lets users to take up to 10 automated ETH “Turbo Loans” (available now)
  • 50% discount on all ETH backed loans on YouHodler (coming late September)
  • ETH Savings Account with 12% annual interest (coming October)

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