Bitcoin (BTC) Price Chart

The Bitcoin price chart below shows the current value of BTC in USD as well as its price history over time. Monitoring the chart regularly can help you make informed investment decisions and predict market movements.

Key things to observe are long-term price trends, short-term fluctuations, and significant highs and lows. Considering factors like news events, technical developments, and overall crypto market conditions may also provide context for price shifts. With this chart and additional research, you can gain valuable insight into Bitcoin's complex pricing.


What is Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) first entered the world on January 3, 2009, when the genesis block was mined. It introduced a groundbreaking peer-to-peer electronic cash system outlined in a whitepaper written under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This network allows online payments to be sent directly between individuals without the need for a central authority.

Unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin is decentralized. It is not controlled by any government, bank, organization or individual. Instead, it relies on cryptographic proofs and a public ledger maintained by a decentralized network to record transactions and issue new Bitcoin.

How is the Bitcoin price calculated?

The Bitcoin price shown on YouHodler is calculated by aggregating rates from multiple top cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, Huobi, and OKEx, among others. The exchanges we source pricing data from are carefully selected for their liquidity, coverage, and reputation as market leaders.

BTC to USD Price

The value of Bitcoin in US dollars fluctuates constantly in the crypto markets. With volatility so inherent to cryptocurrency, safeguarding your portfolio is key. YouHodler offers a robust platform of tools to purchase, trade, multiply, and hold your crypto assets. So, no matter which way the winds of price change blow, your crypto has the potential to grow.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Chart

Monitoring Bitcoin's price movements should be an integral part of any investor's or trader's routine. While some prefer a more passive buy-and-hold strategy, and others seek to time the markets' daily volatility, watching the live price charts is universally beneficial. YouHodler provides interactive, real-time pricing charts for Bitcoin and all major crypto coins. Simply scroll to the top of the page to analyze the visualized data. 

Check prices on YouHodler’s Bitcoin wallet app and platform

Monitoring crypto prices in real-time is key, especially in volatile markets. Our mobile app allows you to check the live Bitcoin price with lightning-quick ease. Simply download to have the latest BTC and altcoin rates right in your pocket, wherever you are.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price prediction

Predicting future price movements is a near-impossible task in the notoriously volatile crypto space. Though no model can foresee Bitcoin's price with 100% accuracy, there are methods to analyze market signals and patterns. This can inform educated guesses at potential price trajectories. Here at YouHodler, we offer the latest news, technical indicators, expert opinions and more. While the future remains unclear, our data strives to provide the best chance to detect trends and make analytical investment decisions. Just remember - DYOR!

How does the halving Impact Bitcoin price

The Bitcoin halving is an event programmed into Bitcoin's code that occurs approximately every 4 years. It cuts the block reward miners receive in half, reducing the new supply of Bitcoin entering circulation. Because Bitcoin has a finite supply of 21 million and a deflationary issuance schedule, a sudden drop in inflation via the halving should positively impact the BTC price over the longer term. The decreased supply contributes to increased scarcity.

How to get a BTC loan

Taking out a BTC-backed loan using your Bitcoin as collateral can be a savvy portfolio move without needing to liquidate holdings. Leverage your BTC value to obtain fiat currency or stablecoins while keeping all upside potential.

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