“New Look” Wallets: Trading Charts; Increased Functionality

Aug 29, 2019

At YouHodler, we always keep an eye on new feature requests on social media and in our Telegram chat. Trading chart integration has been a common request lately and despite our busy schedule this month, we are happy to announce this addition is officially live on YouHodler. So whether you’re a professional trader or active Hodler, here’s a first hand look at the platform's new trading charts and how they bring increased efficiency to crypto trading and long term hodling.

YouHodler wallets get facelift: Send, receive, convert and view trading charts

After logging into YouHodler, users will immediately notice a few new additions to the Wallets tab. Along with visible trading charts for every coin, each wallet is also equipped with new buttons that allow users to send, receive and convert crypto, fiat and stablecoin assets. Additionally, there is a new button allowing users to view their entire transaction history for each wallet.

Having all these features in one place allow for quick and convenient action inside the YouHodler platform. As for the chart itself, it does more than simply add a new aesthetic to the platform. Knowing how to read trading charts is highly beneficial for hodlers and crypto trading with leverage.

Why hodlers and traders need to be mindful of trading charts

Whether you are a beginner or professional crypto hodler/trader, one must be mindful of how these charts work and what time frames to use. YouHodler’s charts have one hour, twenty-four hour, seven day, thirty day, ninety day and 120 day charts. The time frame that a user chooses to examine is really indicative of their personal hodling/trading style. Typically, crypto enthusiasts on YouHodler make up two categories.

Daily traders: These users open and close positions within one or two days and use YouHodler to multiply crypto. When looking at charts, they will prefer short time frames such as hourly or daily in order to predict future price movement. 

Long-term Hodlers: Long term hodlers prefer to hold their assets for days, weeks, months and even years. Hence, they will find the  weekly and monthly charts more beneficial to try to see the bigger picture. 

Try our new charts and let us know what you think

Do you have some feedback about our new charts and related wallet features? We’d love to hear it! Our team can only do so much to predict what our community wants, the rest is up to you. So head to Youhodler.com right now and give everything a try.

Afterwards, reach out to us via email (support@youhodler.com) Telegram or Twitter to voice your questions and suggestions. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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