YouHodler vs Celsius Network: A Comprehensive Review

Jun 23, 2022
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Centralized FinTech platforms such as YouHodler and Celsius are making headlines recently – for a multitude of reasons. We are not going to get into the drama of the latter today but instead, use this opportunity to compare YouHodler vs Celsius to see how they differ. Our research team did a deep dive on both platforms to give you a well-rounded look at how the business models, product offerings, and roadmaps differ. 

Disclaimer: This article was updated on June, 2022. All information in this article was taken directly from the websites of YouHodler and Celsius Network and not from an unbiased, third party. 

YouHodler vs Celsius Network: Business model

If you are just comparing product features between YouHodler and Celsius, you will notice several similarities. However, if you conduct more research, you’ll see the two platforms are extremely different. Take the business models for example.

Celsius prides itself on an anti-bank philosophy. Their goal is to offer a complete alternative separate from the banking world and see traditional finance as a roadblock to cryptocurrency mass adoption. YouHodler on the other hand offers a more harmonious approach. 

YouHodler sees itself as a bridge between the crypto world and the traditional world. They believe traditional finance has many benefits that can help make crypto stronger – and vis-a-versa. Hence, they want to see the two industries work together to make a new evolutionary step in the world’s financial journey. Understanding how both platforms view the crypto industry is a key element in understanding their different business models. 

Unlike Celsius, YouHodler’s business model is contained within the platform. YouHodler never takes clients’ funds for financial activities outside of the platform. Doing so is risky and goes against YouHodler’s conservative approach to FinTech. At YouHodler, everything is kept inside the platform. This is how they maintain liquidity and balance. Furthemore, YouHodler never locks clients' funds inside the platform. Clients can deposit and withdraw whenever they want. 

rAs a result of YouHodler’s more conservative business model, profits within the platform may be less than the competition but overall, it sets clients up for more stability in the long-term and more security during volatile market conditions. The same cannot be said for other platforms using riskier strategies. 

YouHodler vs Celsius Network: The Features

At first glance, YouHodler and Celsius Network may have many similar features but in detail, they vary substantially. Let’s go one by one through them all and see how they stack up.

YouHodler features

Cryptocurrency-backed loans

Using the top 50 coins and tokens as collateral, YouHodler clients can get instant loans in Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Swiss Franc (CHF), British Pounds (GBP), and stablecoins. Loan-to-value ratios (LTV) range from 50% - to 90% and loans can be withdrawn instantly to a credit card or bank account. YouHodler also features select NFTs as collateral, the only platform of its kind to do so. 

Cryptocurrency exchange

Clients can instantly--and universally--convert crypto, fiat, and stablecoins with real-time execution prices and competitive fees. The YouHodler exchange feature also lets clients buy crypto with a credit card and SEPA bank account.

Crypto yield accounts

Arguably YouHodler’s most popular feature, interest accounts let clients deposit any cryptocurrency or stablecoin found on the platform and earn interest up to 12.3%  APR.  Interest payments occur automatically and weekly.

Multi HODL

A completely original feature, Multi HODL puts the fun in market swings by allowing clients to “multiply” their crypto in either direction. With minor similarities to margin trading, Multi HODL lets users pick which direction they think the market is heading, and open up a long or short position with any cryptocurrency on the platform. If they predict right, they can profit. 

Turbocharge Loans

With Turborchage, clients can “clone their collateral” now and benefit later if they believe in the future growth of the market. For those that want to buy more crypto but lack liquid cash, this is a tool built for them.

Dual Asset

Dual Asset is a new protected investment product with floating yields. This is part of YouHodler's "bridge" between TradFi and cryptocurrency industry. Old school investors may recognize this feature simply because it already exists. Dual currency investment is a non-principal protected investment product. It combines money market deposits with a currency option resulting in higher yields than a standard deposit with more flexibility.

Suggested reading: Dual Asset: Instructions for Use


Celsius Network features

Earn: Celsius Network has dozens of stablecoins, gold tokens, and cryptocurrencies to choose from for earning interest. Currently, Synthetix (SNX) offers the highest yield with 13.99% with stable coins ranging from 4%- to 8.88%. Like YouHodler, there is no minimum balance to get started and interest payments occur weekly. 

Borrow A crypto-backed loan feature that lets clients use crypto as collateral for a loan for 0-3 years. Loan to value ratios range from 25% - 50%. Currently, the only fiat currency clients can receive a loan in USD. The other options are dollar-backed stablecoins. If a client wants to lower the interest payment on the loan, they can pay back the loan in Celsius’s native token (CEL).

Pay: This is the name of Celsius’s wallet feature. It allows clients to store crypto, send crypto and receive crypto anywhere in the world without fees. 

Buy A feature that uses a USDC-on ramp to enable users to buy crypto without any platform fees. Blockchain fees still apply. Users can also buy crypto on Celsius with a bank card or bank account.

Swap: This feature lets clients exchange cryptocurrency and stablecoins on Celsius with no fees. 

YouHodler vs Celsius: Native tokens 

As mentioned previously, Celsius is a native token (CEL). Celsius describes this token as a “rewards program with actual financial rewards like even higher interest rates.” For example, CEL token holders earn 11.21% APY on Tether (USDT) while non-CEL token holders earn just 8.88%. CEL token holders also get discounts on loan fees.

YouHodler on the other hand does not have a native token. Every client has access to the interest rates listed on the platform--for example 12.3% APR + compounding interest for Tether (USDT). YouHodler never forces its clients to invest in a token to unlock beneficial features.

YouHodler vs Celsius: credit cards

Neither YouHodler nor Celsius have a credit card for the platform yet but both organizations state it is something coming in the future roadmap. These cards will allow users to pay for items in everyday life using the interest earned from the platform or the tokens in their wallets. Instant conversion between crypto and fiat will take place automatically to allow this. 

YouHodler vs Celsius: Security

With dozens of high-profile hacks over the years, cybersecurity is always a huge issue for cryptocurrency companies. Neither Celsius nor YouHodler takes the approach to security lightly. Both have ample information on their websites warning users of cybersecurity threats and offering “DIY content” on how to protect oneself from these events. YouHodler however seems to take it a bit further. 

YouHodler regularly hires external security audit firms to probe for and identify weaknesses in the security infrastructure. If any weakness is found, it’s fixed immediately by the development team. In addition to third-party security audits, YouHodler also benefits from Ledger Vault’s pooled customized crime insurance program--up to $150 million-- and backed by Arch UK Lloyds of London. 

The insurance covers a variety of risks like:

  • employee theft caused by collusion
  • third-party theft of private keys/master seed 
  • physical breach of hardware security.

Click here to learn even more about YouHodler security measures. 

YouHodler vs Celsius: Philosophies


YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov and Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky both come from experienced backgrounds in various fields and this difference shows in the philosophies of the two companies. Mashinksy, whose resume mostly includes companies involved in wireless communication technology, goes against the grain of many traditional finance institutions. 

Mashinsky believes Celsius is “banking the unbanked” and introducing a new digital economy separate from that of traditional finance. Celsius’s main goal is to disrupt the financial industry in a way that creates financial freedom for everyone. While the idea is nice in theory, it differs greatly from YouHodler’s philosophy. 

Ilya Volkov, with 15 years in FinTech: Commercial Finance and Trading and as an active member of the Blockchain Association and the Crypto Valley Association, believes traditional finance doesn’t need to be destroyed for crypto to thrive. Volkov and the whole YouHodler team believe we should “build bridges. Not walls.” between traditional finance and cryptocurrency. 

“Build bridges. Not walls. – Ilya Volkov”

With that in mind, the YouHodler platform is designed in a way that introduces new features to improve the efficiency of traditional finance with the innovative nature of cryptocurrency. A world where banks and crypto platforms can co-exist and support each other is an ideal situation according to YouHodler. 

YouHodler vs Celsius: The Extras

Both YouHodler and Celsius have a few extra features for community members to enjoy. For example, YouHodler has a new  Partner Program that pays partners for each active client brought to the platform. 


Celsius Network also has some unique bonus features like the “Top 500” list where CEL token holders can see who in the community is holding the most tokens. Celsius also has a “Swag Shop” where fans can buy their favorite Celsius merchandise. 

Both platforms also do regular promotions on social media which offer clients new and exciting ways to participate in the community. 

YouHodler vs Celsius: Pros and Cons

While both platforms feature some similar products like loans and savings accounts, they are inherently different in both philosophy and execution of that philosophy. We are not here to decide a winner. That’s entirely on the reader. Our job is to merely provide the facts found from both platforms to see which one may align with your wants and needs.

For a quick recap, here’s a list of pros and cons for both.

YouHodler pros

  • Clean UX/UI interface and user-friendly design for beginners and advanced users
  • Funds are never locked and features are never restricted. 
  • High interest on deposits (12.3%) without the need to buy or stake another token
  • The high loan-to-value ratio on loans (90%)
  • Competitive fees 
  • Universal exchange feature between all currencies on the platform
  • Unique tools like Multi HODL and Turbocharge are not found anywhere else
  • Web-version and mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Instant loans and efficient withdrawal to bank accounts, bank cards, or crypto wallets
  • Fast and friendly customer support
  • Team transparency
  • Many fun social media contests and promotions with great prizes
  • Takes security and legality extremely seriously
  • A constant growing list of coins/tokens that can be used with all core features

YouHodler cons

  • Not decentralized
  • Android app can be buggy at times
  • More conservative returns than DeFi protocols
  • Not available in the USA or China
  • No YouHodler credit card yet

Celsius pros

  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Fee-free payment feature using CEL token
  • Loyalty program
  • Swag shop
  • Savings interest rates up to 15% for CEL token holders
  • Available to US citizens (in a limited capacity)

Celsius cons

  • Centralized
  • Liquidity issues
  • Freeze client withdrawals and exchange abilities
  • Engage in risky endeavors with client funds off-platform  
  • Web applications difficult to use
  • Limited cryptocurrencies and not for use in all features
  • High savings rates are only available to those who buy the platform’s token (CEL).
  • A small number of educational resources
  • The founder does not come from a financial background 
  • Credit card not available yet

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