YouHodler Savings Accounts Update: Weekly Payouts Are Here

Apr 27, 2020
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As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” At YouHodler though, we play by our own rules. Instead, April bring us all brand new high-yield savings accounts. That’s right.  Your requests are finally granted with fresh look savings accounts just in time for spring. Here’s what you get.

High-yield savings accounts now with weekly payouts

Tired of waiting a whole month for your high-yield savings account payout? No worries. With weekly payouts now replacing monthly, you just have to wait seven days to see your newly acquired profit in its YouHodler wallet. This gives you more flexibility to access your cash when you need it but of course, the longer you “HODL” in savings accounts, the more you will earn later. It’s good to have options though.

New look but same great YouHodler savings accounts

Even though these new savings accounts with weekly payouts may look unfamiliar to our long time clients, they are still the same great high-yield accounts you’ve come to know and love. Our savings accounts still have compounding interest, meaning you have the potential to earn more the longer you “HODL” and save over time. 

Also for those wondering, our world-famous interest rates are here to stay as well. Earn up to 12% on stablecoin deposits, the highest interest rate found in the industry. Earn interest in crypto (BTC, BNB), stablecoins (USDC, USDT, TUSD, PAX), and gold (PAXG). But why stop at 12%? With the addition of MultiHODL, users have the opportunity to boost their savings even more and “activate” their crypto depending on the market’s up or down movements. 

Lazy HODLers lose. Active HODLers win. 

YouHodler prides itself on being a client-first platform and this most recent update is proof of that. We will keep adding new savings accounts and coins based on your demand, so let us hear it on Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram. While savings accounts may just look like a safe, passive way to earn crypto, they are more than that. Think of them as a stable platform for additional growth. They help you manage your risk and balance in order to take advantage of opportunities when you see them. On YouHodler, it’s the active HODLers that stand to benefit the most. Are you in?


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