YouHodler’s New Up and Down Buttons: Choose When Your Profit

Mar 30, 2020
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A bear market. Not something many people look forward to. With YouHodler’s new feature though, crypto traders and HODLers will never fear a market downturn but instead, see it as an opportunity to profit. Integrated into the already established Multi HODL™ tool, “Up” and “Down” buttons let users quickly multiply their crypto in the event of the market rising or dropping. 

“Up” and “Down” buttons use crypto loans as a tool to buy (and now sell) more crypto

In the early days of our existence, YouHodler was a basic crypto lending platform offering crypto-backed loans to users who wanted to buy more crypto. Over the years, we’ve now evolved our platform drastically and we are excited to announce this new feature that offers crypto loans to help users sell more crypto. We lend you crypto to sell and then profit as a result. The market moves in both directions and there are opportunities to be had in both bull and bear markets.

YouHodler’s new “Down” button in Multi HODL™ works similarly to a short position in the traditional stock market or on crypto margin trading platforms. In short selling, a position is opened when an investor borrows an asset they think will decrease in value in the future. The investor then sells this borrowed asset to buyers at market price. Before the loan needs to be returned, the original asset will drop at a lower price which then the investor buys back with the intention of capitalizing on its future growth. 

YouHodler lets you multiply your funds in all market conditions

For those familiar with YouHodler, you know the feature “Turbocharge” helps users boost their crypto holdings during a bull market using a chain of crypto loans as a multiplication tool. However, Turbocharge does not work in a bear market. It only helps you use borrowed funds to buy more crypto. That’s where the upgraded Multi HODL™ feature with Up and Down buttons come in.

 Multi HODL™ works in the following way 

  • The platform uses your Multi HODL™ assets to open the first loan in a chain;
  • With the borrowed funds from the first loan, the platform buys more assets and uses it as collateral for a second loan in a chain;
  • The process repeats itself from 3 to 10 times depending on the user's Profit/Loss level settings.

The difference between the UP and DOWN options is simple:

  • In the case of the UP option, the crypto assets will be used as collateral for the loans with USD as the "borrowed" currency. This means that if the price of the crypto asset that you chose (in this example BTC) will grow - you will gain profit!
  • In the case of the DOWN option, USD will be the collateral, and crypto-asset (BTC) works work as the "borrowed" currency. So if the price of the crypto assets drops, you profit.

With these two options, YouHodler presents an opportunity to be on top of the market, no matter if it's UP or DOWN.

Note: Only the BTC/USD currency pair is available for the “DOWN” button.

No more waiting to time the market. Get started now

The days of waiting for perfect market conditions are over on YouHodler. Whether the market is up, down, left or right, there is an opportunity for you to make a move and potentially benefit from it. For those new to crypto, please reach out to our 24/7 support team and we’ll walk you through everything YouHodler has to offer. For the crypto veterans out there, we hope you enjoy our new feature that adds even more efficiency, flexibility and transparency to your daily crypto needs. 


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