YouHodler Month in Review: March 2019

Apr 1, 2019

Depending on where you live, the month of March has many meanings. For YouHodler, and everyone else on the European continent, March signals the beginning of spring. Spring is the season that symbolizes transformation and this past month, YouHodler began a transformation that will carry us throughout the year and beyond.

In just thirty days, we’ve added XLM to our platform, new credit card withdrawal/payment features, crypto conversion tools and more. As the sun sets on April 1st, we can officially say YouHodler is beginning its transformation from an innovative lending platform to multi-faceted crypto/fiat bank.

YouHodler adds XLM at the beginning of a busy March

The month of March started out incredibly busy and never really let up until right now. Perhaps the biggest news to come in the first half of the month was our addition of Stellar (XLM) as a collateral option. As we now know, the Stellar community is a passionate one and they responded very positively to this news. So far, we’ve made several great connections with this community that will add more diversity and creativity to our platform. We are continuing to build off these relationships and bring even more benefits to XLM HODLers, (and all “YouHodlers”) in the near future.

YouHodler goes "full cycle" with crypto conversions and credit card payments

Following the announcement of XLM, the YouHodler development team was hard at work to complete the platform’s long-awaited conversion tool. This allows users to convert any crypto on the platform (BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP) to USD or EUR. From there, YouHodler allows users to withdraw their fiat holdings directly into their credit/debit card quickly if they choose to do so.

We believe this adds a new utility for all coins on our platform since it allows users to effectively deposit their crypto directly to their traditional bank accounts (through the process of conversion). This new addition marks the beginning of our transformation from a simple crypto lending platform to a crypto/fiat FinTech platform that includes crypto wallets, crypto lending, blockchain integrations and more.

YouHodler continues to move fast with progress

As what is fast becoming YouHodler tradition, we are not slowing down to celebrate this past month’s success. Instead, we will use the momentum to our advantage and continue to deliver what our community wants. According to demand, YouHodler will add new fiat currencies, new cryptocurrencies and, more stablecoins to our platform. Also in the roadmap are the integration of new payments systems, increased marketing initiatives in new countries and our own YouHodler credit card by Q4 of 2019.

Our community is incredibly important to us and we’re always grateful for your input and participation. For those already with us since the beginning, thank you very much. For the new clients out there, be sure to follow all our social media accounts and visit YouHodler.com today to try out all our exciting new features.

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