YouHodler Month in Review: February 2020

Mar 2, 2020
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Another month is gone meaning we have another chance to reflect on all of our accomplishments. We say “our accomplishments” because this truly was a month that transcended that of the YouHodler team. It was a community-driven 29 days that inspired new features, fresh ideas, and blossoming capabilities. We’re all excited to get started on March 2020 but first, let’s take some time to review. 

How to Buy 1 BTC for 15% of its Value

The crypto lending industry has taken on a life on its own in recent months. particularly amongst cryptocurrency traders on YouHodler. Using margin trading techniques commonly seen in traditional stock markets, YouHodler clients are using crypto loans as a method to acquire large portions of cryptocurrency with a relatively small amount of starting capital.

We figured this strategy would be useful for all of our clients so we outlined the simple process in this blog article at the beginning of February. If you missed it, check it out and see how you ca buy 1% for 15% of its value.

Multi HODL™ Commission: Pay if You Profit and Fewer Fees Than the Rest

In the name of transparency and our “client first” approach, this month we decided to fully explain YouHodler’s commission and fee structure, which is designed in such a way to benefit clients the most so they only have to pay a commission when they profit from YouHodler services.

When it comes to understanding the commission and fee structure within YouHodler’s Multi HODL™, there are two main elements. 

  1. Revenue sharing: When users profit from a Multi HODL™ event, then YouHodler collects a 10% commission on that profit. However, if a user fails to earn any money from Multi HODL™ they need to only pay the origination fee (and no commission). They simply get their initial investment returned to them minus any factual loss from the deal. Hence, when YouHodler wins, we both win and share the revenue from the profitable event.

  2. Origination fee: Whenever a user opens a Multi HODL™ deal, then they must pay an origination fee on that deal. The origination fee consists of two parts:

    2a. 2% interest fee for borrowed funds. During Multi HODL™, YouHodler is lending real funds to the user as capital to buy leveraged crypto. This is all an automated process but YouHodler is, in fact, lending real funds to fill these orders.

    2b. 1% fee to cover real-time execution on exchanges. In order to make these buy and sell orders, YouHodler operates with crypto exchanges, meaning market fluctuations can change in seconds (as they tend to do). That’s why we charge 1% to cover us in the event of these rapid market changes.

The full article goes into this information more in-depth so you haven’t already, we suggest checking it out now. 

Introducing YouHodler’s Rejuvenated Affiliate Program

In February, YouHodler revamped its affiliate program to create optimal partnership opportunities. The program now includes the following features: 

1. Fully transparent, 100% secure and reliable. Now you can see how many leads (registrations), verifications (KYC process) and clients you bring from different sources.

2.  World-leading software. We are using AFFISE.com, a world-leading software for affiliates. It allows you to launch and monitor the performance of your ad campaigns right inside the service.

3. Automatic payouts on your preferred method. You will be able to choose the most convenient payout method: cryptocurrencies, bank wire, etc.

4. More modern and up to date. A fresh look, clean interface, and user-friendly experience allows you to spend less time navigating the dashboard and more time earning.

5. Experiment with your perfect affiliate formula. Now that you can track traffic, and make A/B tests, you have so many more possibilities to experiment with the perfect formula that will deliver the best results.

Click here to give our affiliate program a try today and start earning money from YouHodler

Multi HODL™ vs. Turbocharge: What’s the Difference?

Multi HODL™ and Turbocharge. Two of YouHodler’s most popular features in the month of February.  They were both inspired by you, the clients but even so, we are getting some questions about how these features operate and more importantly, how they differ. While they both have the same goal of turning a passive HODLer into an active one, the features go about it in two different ways. Hence, we decided to do a deep-dive article about how to use these features and how to benefit from them in a variety of market situations. 

Well that wraps up another great month at YouHodler and we have lots of great announcements coming for you once again in March. For example, YouHodler is presenting an event in Lausanne, Switzerland “Crypto AML: Finding the Balance Between Business Efficiency and Compliance.” We hope some of you can join us and other industry leaders for this insightful event on KYC/AML best practices in the crypto business.

That’s all we can share for March news right now, but keep en eye on all our social media channels and the YouHodler blog for more coming soon!

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