Multi HODL™ Commission: Pay if You Profit and Fewer Fees Than the Rest

Feb 10, 2020
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Before we dive into the details surrounding our commission and fee structure, we’d first like to thank all our loyal supporters who fully embraced the Multi HODL™ feature and made it bigger than we ever thought possible. Thanks to you, we created Multi HODL™ and we continue to develop this service based on your requests.

Speaking of our “client first approach” to business, this is a great opportunity to analyze YouHodler’s commission and fee structure, which is designed in such a way to benefit clients the most so they only have to pay a commission when they profit from YouHodler services.

Multi HODL™ Commission: When we win you win

When it comes to understanding the commission and fee structure within YouHodler’s Multi HODL™, there are two main elements. 

  1. Revenue sharing: When users profit from a Multi HODL™ event, then YouHodler collects a 10% commission on that profit. However, if a user fails to earn any money from Multi HODL™ they need to only pay the origination fee (and no commission). They simply get their initial investment returned to them minus any factual loss from the deal. Hence, when YouHodler wins, we both win and share the revenue from the profitable event.

  2. Origination fee: Whenever a user opens a Multi HODL™ deal, then they must pay an origination fee on that deal. The origination fee consists of two parts:

    2% interest fee for borrowed funds. During Multi HODL™, YouHodler is lending real funds to the user as capital to buy leveraged crypto. This is all an automated process but YouHodler is, in fact, lending real funds to fill these orders.

    2b. 1% fee to cover real-time execution on exchanges. In order to make these buy and sell orders, YouHodler operates with crypto exchanges, meaning market fluctuations can change in seconds (as they tend to do). That’s why we charge 1% to cover us in the event of these rapid market changes.

No taker/maker fees. No rollover fees. No daily fees. Keep more of your profit.

We don’t want to name specific names but many crypto margin trading exchanges, as well as platforms in the traditional trading industry, are a little “loose” with their fee structures. Just to give an example, the average margin trading platform charges margin trading fees around 0.02% percent every 4-8 hours, taker/maker fees up to 0.0750%, settlement fees, rollover fees up to 0.02%, trade fees, overnight fees and more. 

These numbers might seem small but if you have deals open days, weeks or even months, they can quickly add up. Also, not many have the time to monitor all these hidden fees and calculate them into their expenses. That’s why YouHodler likes to keep our fee structure clean and simple. 

Users will never pay rollover fees, hourly or daily recurring fees. Simply pay the one-time origination fee and loan fee when opening the deal and then if you profit, there will be the one time 10% commission fee. This is particularly favorable for users that want to open a long term deal since they don’t have to worry about constantly paying fees and losing profit. Instead, simply focus on your earnings.

Don’t get punished when the market goes against you

A bear market is already bad enough. YouHodler doesn’t want you to pay twice for the results of a bear market and fees on our platform. That’s why we wanted to strengthen our community with this new commission structure. Only pay when you earn and even then, you’re still paying much less than the other competitors. 

When you lose,  Don’t worry! We won’t blame you or charge you but we’ll support you until the market picks up again and you’re back on top. We win together and we lose together. 


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