YouHodler Hosts Grand Opening Celebration at New Lausanne Office

Sep 9, 2021
A photo of YouHodler's new office from the outside

Yesterday was a massive milestone in YouHodler history. We’re thrilled to announce the official grand opening of our brand new office in Lausanne, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland! To celebrate the momentous occasion, we had a grand opening celebration yesterday inviting friends, family, and colleagues for a great night of rituals and fun. Of course, we wouldn’t be here without our beloved clients so we’d like to share some highlights of the night with you all.

YouHodler HQ is bigger and better than ever before

For long-time clients and partners of YouHodler, you may remember we established ourselves in Lausanne a while ago. Our humble beginnings in Switzerland had us in a smaller office in the city but due to our fast growth, we upgraded to a much nicer and larger office than the previous one. Here’s a photo from the outside, complete with the beautiful YouHodler logo:

This office will have more than enough room to fit our growing team and the infinite number of great ideas that come from it. We’re excited to improve upon our services and continue the innovation process here in “Crypto Valley.” Before we get back to work, a few fun notes on last night’s festivities. 

Crypto Valley unites to plan the future of FinTech and blockchain in Switzerland (and beyond)

While the reason to get together was to celebrate our new office, that was far from the main event. At the core of this celebration was a meeting of like-minded individuals interested in the development of FinTech and blockchain in the Romandie regions in Switzerland -- and also beyond -- on a global scale. 

Networking occurred between friends at the Crypto Valley Association and the Canton of Vaud (Innovaud) where we touched upon the latest industry news, local insights, and bright ideas for the development of this exciting tech. Here are some more photos of the event. 

Just to note: We followed all Covid-19 protocols and safety standards. All sanitary rules were enforced and respected, and all guests were required to present a vaccination certificate or negative test result to attend. 


Bitcoin treasure hunting in Lausanne: who will find the pot of digital gold?

Crypto isn’t boring so why should we be? Instead of cutting the red ribbon on a new office as so many companies have done before, we decided to mix it up a bit. We decided it would be fun to buy some BTC with CHF and then transfer that BTC to a branded Youhodler Ledger Nano hardware wallet. We then packed it away in one of the empty bottles and hid it somewhere in Lausanne. 


Here are a few hints to help you find the bottle on your treasure hunt:

Hint #1: As you can see above, the bottle has a picture of a frog on it. 

Hint #2: In the city of Lausanne, there is a small park that locals call “the frog park.”

"jardin historique, cette place de jeux baptisée par les familles  “le Parc de la grenouille"

Hint #3: Find the park and you'll find the prize "below where the frog sits"

Photo hint #1
Photo hint #2

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us over the years

As a grand finale to our grand opening, we had our guests leave a few good words for YouHodler and our clients on our new blue “whiteboard.” Thanks for the kind words everyone!

A big thanks again to everyone that came out and helped us usher in a new era of YouHodler. To everyone else, we wish you were there in person and we know you were there in spirit. We’re thrilled you’re on this journey with us and we’re looking to even more positive news in the future. 

Take care and keep HODLing. 

P.S. Check out this great timelapse video of the entire night!

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