YouHodler CEO: New Crypto Valley Association Western Chapter Chair

May 19, 2020
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We’re happy to announce that YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov has been appointed into the position of The Crypto Valley Association Western Chapter Chair. 

It’s a non-profit, non-commercial position with the main target of developing the community and industry while pushing the boundaries of innovation.  In this position, Ilya will coordinate the Crypto Valley Association's activities in the Western part of Switzerland, Western Europe, and abroad, from the CVA’s Western chapter HQ in Lausanne, canton of Vaud. 

YouHodler is currently an active member of the Crypto Valley Association. Now, Ilya will share a few words on his induction and plans for the future.

How the CVA can help propel blockchain technology forward

We all work in this blossoming and promising industry. In order to unlock the potential, the community, industry professionals, experts, and regulators should work together. The best way to effectively organize this process is through the industry’s Association. I am convinced that the Crypto Valley Association can make an invaluable contribution to ensuring that the crypto industry reaches the same level as traditional industries and becomes an integral part of traditional finance and other spheres where blockchain is applicable. 

My motivation

I’m convinced that my business can only thrive if the entire industry is successful. My personal motivation is to develop the industry and be part of it until it reaches it’s true potential and beyond. To develop my company, I’m interested in the development of the industry’s infrastructure.

My program for the CVA Western Chapter Chair  position

My plan for the CVA Western Chapter from this point forward is as follows:

1. Structuring of the Chapter’s agenda

2. Increase the number of the Chapter’s active members (as well as the number of new CVA members);

3. “Western” international expansion: further development of the CVA network in Western Europe, the US and more;

4. Western Chapter as an innovation lab (iLab) for the CVA, including the implementation of new event formats, testing of new networking technologies, and bringing forth new, modern, and valuable topics

Join the Crypto Valley Association and follow me on Twitter @Ilya_YouHodler and/or Linkedin to stay up to date. 

Meet the Great CVA Western Chapter team

Previously holding my position as The CVA Western Chapter Chair were both Emi Lorincz and Jérôme Bailly who will still participate in the CVA in different roles. Emi Lorincz, who held the Chair position before me will stay on as a CVA Board Member in addition to her current role as the Ledger Vault Business Development Director. Jérôme Bailly, who was the Western Chapter Chair before Emi will remain as the CVA’s Executive Director and will remain on the Western Chapter as a co-chair in order to use the iLab. 

I want to thank both Jérôme and Emi as well as all members of the CVA for this wonderful opportunity and I know we will do great things for this organization and for the industry on the whole. For members of the YouHodler family, this is a great announcement for us all as together, we will take part in shaping this technology we believe in and helping it reach its true potential. 

About Crypto Valley Association

Founded in January 2017, the Crypto Valley Association is a not-for-profit association established to support the development and dissemination of cryptographic technologies, blockchain, and other distributed ledger technologies by supporting startups and other companies in Switzerland and internationally. Crypto Valley’s mission is to shape an open, free, and prosperous financial services industry of the future

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