YouHodler Announces EOS Addition to Platform

May 7, 2019

The wait is over EOS fans! As the 11th cryptocurrency on the list (and second token) EOS joins the ranks of BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, XRP, DASH and many more. We are more than happy to welcome the EOS community to our family and introduce them to the wealth of new features we have.

How to use EOS on YouHodler? (Hedge, leverage, banks and more)

Just like all the other coins and tokens found on YouHodler (see the full list here), EOS can be used in a multitude of ways. Users can convert EOS directly to any other cryptocurrency, stablecoin or fiat currency found on YouHodler. Alternatively, they can use EOS as collateral for a crypto-backed line of credit. Most users on YouHodler choose this option for hedging and leveraging their crypto assets in the market. Furthermore, YouHodler lets users easily convert any crypto to fiat and withdraw those funds directly to a Visa/Mastercard bank card of their choice. This, in turn, adds a new utility for EOS (or any crypto) in real-world transactions.

EOS to help build the first decentralized autonomous government?

Many might know EOS as the ‘Ethereum killer” but there are far more interesting facts regarding EOS that are worth mentioning. Take the Free Republic of Liberland for example. This sovereign nation, founded on 13 April 2015 is looking to build an open source government to maximize freedom for its citizens. In order to implement this decentralized autonomous government (DAG) a specific operating system must be selected, which the president announced will be EOS.

Liberland president Vit Jedlicka explains they chose EOS because “it’s a top rated technology and it provides a lot of features to run country management on a blockchain.” With EOS, Liberland will be able to operate their national assembly, judiciary, and even company registrations all in one integrated system that can improve over time with scalability and increased adoption. EOS is the very first “governed blockchain” to go live (June 2018). Since then, the community has proved its potential with rapid expansion and a variety of use cases.

YouHodler welcomes EOS community; promotes collaboration

YouHodler states they are “so excited to have EOS as part of the YouHodler family. EOS users are some of the most resourceful and innovative in this industry and we encourage them to bring their thoughts and ideas to YouHodler’s community. We are always open for collaboration of all shapes and sizes. We look forward to hearing from you!”

In what YouHodler calls a “busy month” EOS HODLers will join the rest of the YouHodler community in loan to value ratio’s as high as 90%, competitive interest rates, instant withdrawal to bank cards and a variety of conversion options for convenience. Next month will also reveal a new set of features and partnerships that will further enhance the user experience on YouHodler’s platform.

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