What is TradingView? Master the Art of Technical Analysis With this Platform

Jul 27, 2023
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Ask any trader in one of the many global financial markets and they’ll say “real-time data” is their best friend. Financial markets move so fast, that having access to this data and sophisticated analysis tools - can make or break a successful trade. Then, ask any trader what tool they use to help them with this access and they’ll likely say “TradingView.”

Over the years, TradingView has evolved into a diverse and popular online platform. It features the most comprehensive range of finance tools and resources on the internet for financial markets, helping millions around the world master the art of technical analysis in the process. 

For those just starting their trading journey, or for those yet to know the power of this incredible platform, let this article search as an ultimate guide for you. 

What is TradingView? 

At its foundation, TradingView is an online charting application. It offers a full suite of features specifically for investors and traders. The platform encompasses a wide ride of financial instruments.

Such as:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • commodities
  • Indices. 

Furthermore, users can create customized charts featuring multiple timeframes: 

  • weekly, 
  • daily, 
  • four hours, 
  • one-hour, 
  • thirty minutes, 
  • five-minute, and one minute.

Additional drawing tools help them not only conduct in-depth technical analysis but share these insights with a TradingView community of millions. 

TradingView: Making trading for everyone

TradingView is not your average market platform. It truly makes “trading for everyone” due to its user-intuitive interface. Beginners and experts alike can navigate the response charts and engage in seamless navigation and technical analysis. 

Whether a novice trader wants to look at a simple line chart or a veteran wants to dive into complex tools like Renko charts, Fibonacci retracements, and Bollinger Bands, TradingView has something for everyone. 

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The social aspect of trading

Before TradingView, there wasn’t an efficient platform for the trading community to truly come together and share insights. On the platform, traders can directly share their creative ideas, analysis, and trading strategies with a community of millions. This not only fosters a collaborative environment but results in vast stores of educational content. 

In addition, traders can follow and interact with each other, collecting ideas and gaining inspiration from those who’ve had success in the markets. It’s not just a community for traders and investors though. 

The platform also has a large library of pre-built scripts and indicators created by developers. Developers can even build their scripts using TradingView’s Pine Script language - a coding language designed just for custom indicator creation.

There is no shortage of flexibility and affluence catering to every trading and investing style. 

TradingView: The Bottom line

In YouHodler’s opinion, TradingView shares our thirst for innovation in finance. Its charts are the perfect combination of TradingView’s unique technology and unmatched expertise. Some of our favorite tools are the economic calendar and the stock screener but it’s hard to stop there.

When factoring in all the latest financial news, real-time asset data, and endless content available for traders and investors, it’s easy to see what this platform is at the very top of its industry. 

TradingView offers the solution to have their charts into other platforms, and we, at YouHodler, believe that this is a significant improvement for the user experience and we are working on integrating TradingView’s chart on our platform…stay tuned for more news on that shortly!

TradingView FAQs

Is TradingView data accurate?

Yes. TradingView offers high-quality, real-time data on its platform for various global financial markets. This real-time data helps traders and investors access information up to the minute, including price analysis, trading volume, and market depth for 

stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and much more. 

Is TradingView available on mobile apps?

TradingView offers browser-based compatibility but is also available on a range of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Hence, traders have access to high-performance charts and analyses anywhere in the world. 

Can you trade on TradingView?

Yes, after careful crypto market research, you can trade coins right from TradingVIew charts. To do so, you’ll need to connect to one of the brokers integrated into the platform.

Can you buy crypto on TradingView?

While you can use TradingView for price analysis, you cannot buy crypto directly on TradingView. To buy crypto on YouHodler, follow these instructions.

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