Get a Tesla For Crypto (and Save the Economy) with YouHodler

The YouHodler Team
February 19, 2021
A brand new Tesla Model with a gray backdrop and a YouHodler logo on the Tesla.

Not all superheroes wear capes and drive a Batmobile. The modern-day heroes of 2021 are a bit different. Instead, they HODL crypto and drive a Tesla. This hero could be you. YouHodler is giving all of our clients the chance to save the global economy using the mighty power of cryptocurrency and win a Tesla for their heroic efforts. Here are the details.

Two Steps to Win a Tesla Model 3 (and save the economy)

So if you’re feeling motivated to help save the economy, and the environment, complete these two steps you can do to enter the draw. 

Step 1: Enter your YouHodler account or create an account and pass KYC if you are a new client.

Step 2: Use $1000 (or its equivalent) for ANY YouHodler products which are available to you. **Savings accounts and conversion features not included.

Once you complete steps one and two, your name will be officially entered into our pool. On May 22, 2021 (Bitcoin Pizza Day) we will live stream the event where we pick a random name from the pool. That lucky hero will win a brand new Tesla Model Y, which will then be delivered right to their door via Tesla’s contactless delivery systems (terms and conditions apply).  

Terms and Conditions: Who is qualified to enter this lucky draw?

While we wish all of our clients could participate in this lucky draw and enter to win a brand new Tesla Model Y, there are some limits. Since Tesla is only available in select countries, we require that YouHodler clients live in a country with a Tesla store in order to qualify for this contest. 

You can see the full list of accepted countries here

Depending on how much you use our services, you will get a chance to win. 

If you have any questions about this lucky draw, feel free to reach us via our social media channels. Good luck to you all!


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