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Tesla for Crypto

Do you want to buy a Tesla for  Bitcoin? Hold on. We have a better offer. Win a Tesla Model Y with your crypto.

The promo is over. We have the winner.


How to participate

Just use any service available on the platform and get your ticket. The minimum value of the transaction must be more than $1,000.

Every service you use on the platform (Multi HODL, Turbocharge, or Classic Loans) must have an input value of $1,000 or higher (total value does not count). This action gives you 1 ticket for the lucky draw.

How to monitor the status

Every participant has a unique ID. You will receive your participant ID via email when you get your first ticket. After that, you can easily find yourself on our promo page and check your total number of tickets.

The tickets are credited automatically if the promotion conditions are fulfilled. For each targeted action, we will give you a ticket, so you can easily check your stats on the promo page.

Newest Participants

User ID

Determination of the winner

In order to ensure transparency, clarity, randomness and impartiality, we will use the power of blockchain technology. We will determine the winner of the Tesla Model Y promo based on the set of characters from the hash of the first Bitcoin block that will be mined after 00:00 UTC on May 22.

Determination of the “Tesla for crypto” winner mechanics:
1. We will stop collecting tickets on May 21 at 23:59 UTC
2. At 00:00 UTC on May 22 we’ll take a hash from the next Bitcoin block.
3. The script will analyze the hash and pick the line with the winner's ID from the complete list of participants. Every user has as many lines with his/her ID as many tickets he/she holds. 

Description of the script:
//count of all ticketsconst ticketsCount = fullTicketsList.length;
//last 8 symbols of hash convert to int32const partOfHash = parseInt(hash.slice(-8), 16);
//remainder of the divisionconst winLine = partOfHash % ticketsCount;

After 00:00 UTC on May 22, check this
link out to see the winner’s ID.
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Get YouHodler App and win Tesla with your crypto

Every $1,000 in Multi HODL, Turbocharge or Classic crypto-backed loan gets you 1 ticket for the drawing.