YouHodler Adds Ten New Cryptocurrencies to its Growing Platform

Dec 14, 2021
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It seems hundreds of new cryptocurrencies come out each month. As a result, YouHodler gets hundreds of requests from loyal clients asking us to list their favorite altcoins or tokens. As a company that takes a client-based approach to our development, we hear every request out there. That being said, we still have to decide on which of these requests to implement. As for today, we are proud to introduce ten new cryptocurrencies to YouHodler. Each comes with full functionality with all the platform’s features. We hope you enjoy it!

FTX Token (FTX), BitTorrent (BTT), Elrond (EGLD) and more part of new wave of cryptos

As of today, YouHodler is officially listing FTX Token (FTT), 1inch Network (1INCH), Cosmos (ATOM), BitTorrent (BTT), Avalanche (AVAX), Filecoin (FIL), PancakeSwap (CAKE), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Elron (EGLD) and Zilliqa (ZIL). Clients can now use these options with 

the following features: 

  • Classic Crypto Loans (Instant crypto-backed loans 
  • Savings Accounts (earn interest on crypto)
  • Multi HODL (Innovative trading tool to multiply crypto)
  • Turbocharge (clone your crypto during bull runs)
  • Crypto exchange (buy, sell and exchange crypto, fiat, and stablecoins)

For savings accounts, the full list of interest rates are as follows:

Earn interest in crypto and multiply all your favorite coins

With rates like these, it may be tempting to stake your entire portfolio on YouHodler and earn high-yield. However, we’ve long been supporters of the Barbell Strategy. In short, the Barbell Strategy involves putting a portion of your portfolio in a safe, stable investment while allocating another amount to riskier, but potentially profitable investment strategies. At YouHodler we have the tools to help you with this in our savings accounts, Multi HODL trading engine, and Turbocharge crypto multiplier. 

Want to learn more about the Barbell Strategy? CLICK HERE to read all about it!

In addition to using the Barbell Strategy on YouHodler, buying these new coins on YouHodler means you can not only use our great features but also take advantage of some of the benefits of decentralized finance as well. 

HODL crypto on YouHodler and earn industry-wide benefits

The crypto industry has many fascinating sectors and YouHodler doesn’t want to prevent you from accessing as many opportunities as possible. For example, we’ve added a few key decentralized finance (DeFi) coins to the mix. You can buy them on YouHodler and earn interest on them here while also taking them off to another platform and earning staking rewards elsewhere. This helps HODLers diversify their earnings and can be a hedge against security risks.

Additionally, you can use this crypto as collateral for instant cash, stablecoin, or crypto loan. Then, you don’t need to lose out on the future growth of that crypto as you get it right back after paying the loan off. 

These are just a few quick ideas on how to use our wide array of innovative features at YouHodler. We love to encourage “passive HODLers” to become “active HODLers” so visit us today and see what you can do with your crypto.

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