Month in Review: August 2019

Sep 2, 2019

From the climate point of view, August signifies the cooling down of summer as we prepare for fall and winter. But crypto does not play by these rules. It seems the market is just now starting to heat up after a relatively sleepy August and YouHodler is heating up along with it. 

August saw a wealth of new features for traders and Hodlers alike. Updates to turbo loans, PDL extend, trading charts, a USDT savings account and more were all welcome additions to the platform. If you missed those original announcements, we’re here to fill you in on what happened in August and also give a glimpse into the near future. 

Traders discover how to profit in a bear market with YouHodler 

Even though the market may not reflect big profits, August was a big month for traders on YouHodler. This is mainly due to them discovering YouHodler’s wealth of new features that can help one succeed in both bear and bull markets. Take TurboLoans for example. 

Turbo Loans let users offer up crypto as collateral in exchange for a fiat loan. Yet, instead of ending the transaction there as one would with a traditional loan, YouHodler takes the users fiat to buy more crypto which is then used as collateral for another loan. This “chain of loans,” as it is called, can be automated up to 5 times and can help users buy more crypto for a cheaper price. 

Aside from Turbo Loans and multiplying crypto, YouHodler also has flexible options for traders that want to hedge in a bear market. The platform’s long term loan plans give users fair LTV ratios and up to 120 days before needing to pay back the loan. This gives the use plenty of capital (and time) to hedge their portfolio and prepare for the next uptrend. Customizable loan terms are also available upon request. 

YouHodler introduces “margin trading suite’ to platform

For those that want to do more complex and interactive trades, YouHodler’s new margin trading features can help one use leverage and multiply their crypto. Here is a quick snapshot of all things margin trading on YouHolder:

0 Rollover Fees - Unlike other exchanges that charge rollover fees every 4, 8 or 24 hours, YouHodler charges 0% on rollover fees or margin trading fees. Users only pay the interest fee on their plan of choice (e.g. 7% for a 30 day loan term on YouHodler’s “Bull Run” loan plan). This is far more affordable in the long term than rollover fees from an exchange.

Extend PDL: Extend the Price Down Limit, (a.k.a Margin Call Level) on a loan and reduce risk in the event of a price drop.

Multiply crypto 5x: Efficiently and easily take a loan from YouHodler to go long or shot on any of our available currency pairs up to 5x. The process, called Turbo Loans, is automated and can be done in a click of a button.

New trading charts: Trading charts integrated into each coin wallet showing, 1 hour, 24 hour, 7 day, 30 days, 90 and 120 day time frames. 

Attractive platform interface: Traders can easily manage their positions with YouHodler’s user friendly and interactive trading platform with features such as Extend PDL (margin call), Close Now, Reopen, Increase LTV and more.

Flexible borrowing limits: Individual loan plans are available upon request. All you have to do is ask

HODL smartly with a USDT Savings Account

For Hodlers that are looking to take part in low risk hodling, then YouHodler’s new USDT Savings Account is an innovative option to consider. Available for all YouHodler clients, USDT Savings Account lets users deposit USDT into a wallet that YouHodler states will grow up to 12% per year.

Also related to USDT news, the platform now fully accepts both ERC20 based USDT and Omni-based USDT for maximum client convenience. 

YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov states

“We’re happy to follow our valuable customer’s demand and make this additional step in order to build a “one-stop-shop” for all HODLer’s needs and a fully functional “crypto-fiat” Fin-tech platform.”

The crypto market is warming up fast and so is YouHodler! We have a lot of exciting news in store for September so follow us on social media (twitter and Telegram) and keep an eye on our official blog for more content.

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