Meet Bill Hodler: Your Personal Gateway to the YouHodler Team

Sep 4, 2019
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Who is Bill Hodler? If you have visited the new landing page at YouHodler.com, you’ll instantly be greeted by Bill in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. On a basic level, Bill Hodler is a customer support agent. One who can guide you through all the exciting features YouHodler has to offer. On a more complex level, Bill is your personal gateway to the minds of YouHodler’s entire team. He represents all of us and our unique philosophy of transparency, innovation, and efficiency. So without further adieu, let’s start a formal introduction of Bill Hodler and see how you can use him best.

Who is Bill Hodler and why should you care? 

While other organizations may take an absent-minded approach to client relations, YouHodler decided this was an area we wanted to pay special attention to. That’s where Bill Hodler comes in. Is Bill a real person? Yes and no. Bill is fictional in theory but also represents the entire YouHodler team. If you interact with Bill on our site, that means you could potentially be speaking to YouHodler’s customer support team, our CTO or even CEO and co-founders.

We all have access to our community through Bill and we thought he would be a great way for clients to have direct and transparent access to us. So don’t be shy. Say “hi” to Bill someday and let us all know your thoughts.

Why the name Bill Hodler? 

Bill Hodler is more than just a play on YouHodler. There is a deep backstory to this mascot. Art enthusiasts may be familiar with Ferdinand Hodler. Hodler was one of the most well known Swiss painters of the nineteenth century and his personal work ethic (and of course, his name) serves as a direct inspiration to YouHodler’s philosophy.

Swiss 50 Franc banknote from 1911 Series Two, Der Holzfäller by Hodler

Some of Hodlers most famous paintings are scenes in which working citizens are engaged in everyday activities such as the famous woodcutter depicted above. In 1908, The Swiss National Bank hired Hodler to design two pieces for the country’s new paper currency. His designs brought a lot of controversy since they did not depict pictures of famous ment but instead, a woodcutter and a reaper.  

Unlike many painters at the time, Hodler was not interested in simply following the trends. While he formed his foundation painting landscapes and portraits, Hodler quickly realized his ability to solve old problems with new solutions. This innovative mindset quickly manifested into his own, unique personal form which he called “parallelism.” Combining the influence of several styles, Parallelism focuses on the symmetry and rhythm that Hodler felt represented human society. In this spirit of innovation, creativity, and individuality, YouHodler pays homage to Ferdinand Hodler with not only our name but the way we conduct ourselves.

Ferdinand Hodler

Introduce yourself to Bill (and friends!)

If you have any questions about our new landing page, our loan plans, how to take a loan/convert crypto/to buy crypto on YouHodler or anything else that comes to mind, “Bill” is here to help. You never  know who will be behind Bill on any given day so feel free to chat with him anytime you want. We’ll always do your best to help our community no matter the circumstances. 

Also, don't forget to meet Bill's helpful friends like Denis, Kesha, Natalie and other customer support team members always on duty. Like Bill, they are there to serve and educate the vibrant YouHodler community.

Thanks for reading this formal introduction to our latest team member and we look forward to speaking with you all very soon!

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