Increase LTV of Your Crypto Loan and Get More Cash

Jun 20, 2019
get more cash from crypto loan

Have you ever heard the term “no risk, no reward?” YouHodler saw a need for a new loan to value ratio increase feature. Using this, clients can get more fiat for their already opened loans without having to increase their collateral amount.

Maximize your bull run

At any moment, the crypto market can shoot up and achieve bull run status. But what if this happens and your assets are locked as collateral on a crypto loan? With an LTV increase feature, you can get more cash and maximize your profits without having to close your loan.

For example, you can use additional cash to invest in altcoins or buy more of the same crypto and HODL, while the first loan keeps working for you.

How to get more cash from crypto loan

If the price of collateral is in a “green zone” and loan-to-value of your loan is less than 75%, the “Get more” button will appear next to the loan in the “My loans” section. This option is only available for our 50- and 120-day tariffs. More info

After pressing the button, you are directed to the calculations of the new parameters for the loan. Here, you choose the amount of additional cash you will get. LTV will be changed accordingly. Then click the “Get cash” button. Now the loan terms are updated and additional cash is immediately deposited into your account.

get more cash youhodler

Always assess risk before

When you increase LTV, it affects the price down limit. If the price of your crypto collateral drops below a certain level, then YouHodler has the right to sell loan collateral to secure the company’s risks. In the event of price coming close to price down limit, you will be notified and have a chance to close the loan.

So next time the market is on a bull run, don’t just sit there and watch. Take action, increase your LTV and receive more cash to maximize your gains. If you haven’t already, get started on YouHodler today!

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