YouHodler Announces the First Crypto Treasure Hunt in the Metaverse

Apr 22, 2022
A woman wears a VR device as she plays the YouHodler game in Decentraland metaverse

Hello, YouHodler community! Today, we are announcing a fun, new contest that takes place in the Decentraland metaverse. The three-day “Treasure Hunt” gives participants the chance to win up to $30,000 worth of MANA tokens in addition to secondary prizes. Anyone can participate as long as they follow a few simple rules.

Decentraland Treasure Hunt: How it works

For the contest, YouHodler created a custom building in the Decentraland metaverse. Inside the YouHodler place are three “escape style” rooms filled with smart activities and a very real possibility to win $30,000 worth of MANA (Decentraland’s native currency). After each day, the Treasure Hunt is reset with new tasks inside, allowing contestants another chance to win $10,000 worth of MANA. 

In addition to the grand prize, the most active participant can also win an exclusive YouHodler NFT with a VIP interest rate for any coin on the platform. Lastly, every participant will receive a free YouHodler wearable to their Decentraland account.

The contest is the first metaverse campaign of its kind launched by a crypto-backed lending company involving real money. YouHodler structured the Treasure Hunt in a way that the experience not only includes cash prizes but also as a fun, engaging adventure set inside the metaverse. 

How to register

To qualify as a contestant, users must first do the following:

  • Open a YouHodler account.
  • Register via the pre-registration landing page.  There, they will see all of the instructions and can read FAQs to get familiar with the rules and requirements. There are also some steps users can do to prepare for the Treasure Hunt, making sure to save time!
  • After registration, users will get a secret code to enter the YouHodler building in Decentraland and the coordinates to the building.

    Now the participants are ready for the Treasure Hunt.

Contestants are timed from the moment they enter the secret code in the YouHodler building in the metaverse to the moment they finish the last task in Room #3. Whoever completes all three rooms the fastest wins the prize. 

All other participants who make it to the third room can claim a free, custom-made YouHodler hoodie as a wearable for their metaverse avatar - make sure to be logged in with the MetaMask wallet to save the hoodie in the backpack.

Winners will be contacted 24 hours after the end of each Treasure Hunt Day. 

Happy hunting everyone!


Grand prize of $10,000 in MANA
Users must first have a YouHodler account before registering for the contest and have it verified to receive the prize.

Exclusive YouHodler NFT inspired by Ferdinand Hodler with 1% APY for 3 months on any coin on the YouHodler platform
This NFT comprises two tasks. The first (and we are giving a small heads up here) is a tweet. The winner of the NFT will be the participant whose tweet gets the most engagement - likes, retweets, and comments. One action counts as one point. The second task can be found in room two of the Treasure Hunt.

The YouHodler hoodie is wearable for everyone
This custom-made wearable will be up for grabs at the last part of the game. To keep it, users must be logged in with their MetaMask wallet.

All other information you will find on the registration page. Go and sign up now:

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