Savings Account Crypto Wallet: Free Coins for HODLers

Aug 19, 2021
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At YouHodler, we are not big fans of clickbait titles. While this title may seem like just that, we assure you there is the truth behind those words. “But how can it be?” you may ask. How can your crypto wallet get free coins? Well not only is it 100% true, but it’s an easy thing to do. With YouHodler savings accounts, we give you crypto just for HODLing. 

How to get crypto wallet free coins on YouHodler

Opening up a YouHodler savings account is as easy as one can imagine. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a YouHodler account at or download the app for Android or iOS

Step 2: Verify your account with a quick KYC process

Step 3: Deposit your favorite cryptocurrency or stablecoin

Step 4: Start earning interest as high as 12% APR (with compounding interest).

Seven days after your initial deposit, you’ll see your free coins just sitting there in your crypto wallet. The best part is those free coins keep earning compounding interest. So the longer you HODL, the more free coins you get.

Do other platforms offer crypto wallet free coins like YouHodler?

The short answer to that question is no. While there are many DeFi platforms offering interest payments for staking or lending, those are not really free coins. Usually, you must lock your coins in the platform to receive this interest or lend them out to someone looking for a loan. It’s a good way ot earn a passive income but in reality, you are putting your coins to work and getting paid for it. With YouHodler, there is no catch.

You are not lending out your cryptocurrency or stable coins to other people and getting interested in return. Our interest payments to you come from the profits generated with our lending products. In addition, we don’t require you to lock your tokens or invest in any native tokens (e.g. NEXO or CEL) to unlock higher rates. Whether you deposit $100 or $100,000, you can enjoy the same great interest rates as everyone else. 

How to use your crypto wallet free coins on YouHodler

Now that you’re crypto wallet has free coins, you need to decide how to use them. Here are a few suggestions:

Keep HODLing: With compounding interest, your free coins earn more the longer you HODL. So there is no pressure to withdraw.

Buy crypto: Use YouHodler’s conversion tool to take your free coins and convert it to any crypto on our platform.

The Barbell Strategy: HODL 70% of your free coins and use the other 30% on riskier but potentially profitable trading tools like Multi HODL.

Get a loan: Use your profits as collateral for a crypto-backed loan. Get instant cash in minutes with our flexible and affordable loan plans. 

Hopefully, that cleared up any misconceptions about the title. Now that you know how to get free coins to your crypto wallet, visit YouHodler today and start earning.


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