Crypto and Bitcoin Calculator: Determine Your Rates and Profit

Mar 20, 2021
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With more “newbies” entering the crypto market than ever before, it’s our duty to provide all the necessary resources to make the early days of this experience easy and enjoyable. To help our clients determining conversion rates and profit potential from savings accounts, YouHodler has a crypto and bitcoin calculator. Actually, we’ve had it for a while but for those that didn’t know, here’s a little introduction. 

Crypto and bitcoin calculator for your savings account

YouHodler has some of the highest interest rates for crypto savings accounts on the market. Clients can start earning 12% per year on their crypto simply by signing up and depositing their favorite stablecoin. We don’t require you to invest in some platform token or lock your funds to achieve these rates. What you see is what you get. 

In the name of transparency, we’ve included this crypto and bitcoin calculator to help you calculator your interest via 1 month, 3 month, and yearly time frames. In the example up above, a deposit of 100,000 USDC yields an annual return of 12,682.51 USDC. Yes, that’s slightly larger than 12% because YouHodler’s interest is compounding.

To see how much you’ll earn from your deposit, click here to access the interest calculator widget. 

Crypto and bitcoin calculator: universal currency conversion

Another feature that makes YouHodler unique from its competitors is the ability to convert any currency pairs across a limitless universal spectrum. In layman’s terms, you can convert anything to anything. YouHodler users real-execution with currency conversions, meaning conversion times can vary from instantaneous to 30 minutes plus. 

Besides, we have competitive conversion fees (as low as 0.5%) and again, we wanted to make this fully transparent for all our clients. Hence, we’ve included a crypto and bitcoin calculator for all conversions. 

This allows you to see the fee before calculation occurs so you can plan and budget your calculations accordingly. There are many words to describe YouHodler but “hidden fees” is not one of them!

To calculate your conversion and view transparent fees, click here to access the conversion calculator widget. 

User our tools to help you navigate the adventurous crypto market

For those who have been in the crypto market for a while, then you already know the ups and downs of the market are volatile and unpredictable. For the newbies out there, welcome to the club. You will learn fast! It’s an incredibly exciting market to be a part of but also one that’s difficult to predict. 

We hope features like our savings accounts and conversion tool can help you at least take some control of your portfolio. A crypto and bitcoin calculator can only do so much though. YouHodler always recommends doing your own research and taking advantage of investment strategies like the Barbell Strategy to manage risk and profit effectively. Hopefully, a good mix of your own research and YouHodler’s great tools will help you ease the burden.

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