Solana (SOL) Price Chart


Solana is a blockchain-based platform that provides a strong foundation for decentralized applications (dapps) in a way that’s focused on scalability and efficiency. Solana is competing directly against Ethereum, Zilliqa and Cardano but differentiates itself with some unique design choices that allow for faster transaction times and low fees. SOL is the native token that is used to execute programs, facilitate transactions and incentivize users via staking to support the Solana network. Solana was first created in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko who’s original mission  was to prove that a decentralized network of notches could match the performance of one singular node. 

How is the SOL price calculated?

YouHodler updates the SOL to USD price in real-time. Much like other cryptocurrencies, SOL is volatile. That’s why the SOL price on YouHodler is aggregated from several different cryptocurrency exchanges in an attempt to provide the most accurate price possible. YouHodler combines Solana price rates from Binance, Kraken, Huobi, OKEx, and others.

SOL to USD Price

The SOL to USD price is constantly changing. Hence, it’s essential to always make sure your portfolio is protected. Thankfully, YouHodler provides you with a full suite of tools to buy, sell, multiply or HODL your crypto. That way, your funds have an opportunity to grow no matter what the SOL to USD price is. 

Solana (SOL) Price Chart

Want to know the current price? Just scroll up to see our Solana Price chart. Choose from a variety of chart types (e.g. line, candlestick) and view SOL prices on multiple timelines. Never miss a market movement with YouHodler.

Check prices on YouHodler’s Solana wallet app and platform

To monitor Solana prices efficiently, we recommend downloading our app for iOS and Android compatible smartphones. This allows you to follow the latest SOL price anytime, anywhere.

Solana (SOL) Price prediction

Solana price prediction depends on several factors. For one, the overall health of the crypto market. If Bitcoin goes  down, altcoins tend to follow it. In addition, Solana is in direct competition with other top blockchains Ethereum and Cardano. Whether there is enough space in the industry for multiple competitors to thrive remains to be seen. If so, then the future looks bright for Solana. However, if only one can win, then it’s possible the other two will disappear forever. AS with any investment, one should be careful not to invest more than they can lose and properly diversify their portfolio with a mixture of stable assets and riskier assets. 

Solana (SOL) Value

Like other cryptocurrencies, the value of SOL is constantly changing. The global economy has a lot of influence on that so for those looking for SOL value predictions, the best place to look is the global markets. Of course, value has many definitions too. If you have faith in Solana’s cause and potential effect on finance, then that’s priceless value. What does Solana mean to you? Only you know the answer. 

How to get a loan with SOL

Want to sell your SOL? Don’t even think about it. Use it as collateral for a crypto-backed loan today. There are many useful scenarios for a crypto-backed loan. Use it to hedge your portfolio in the event of a SOL price drop or simply use the growing value of your SOL price as collateral for instant cash. Alternatively, use a loan to buy the dip when you don’t have any liquid cash on hand. Get creative with lending and try it today. 

How to clone SOL with Turbocharge

Are you confident the Sol price will rise? If so, clone your SOL now with Turbocharge. Click here to learn more about Turbocharge.

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