Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Chart

The live Bitcoin Cash price chart tracks real-time market valuation data of BCH against the US Dollar. Whether you're an investor or simply curious about Bitcoin Cash, this chart is a key tool for understanding BCH's price trends and market behavior.

Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash

What is Bitcoin Cash (BHC)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that forked from Bitcoin in 2017. It shares much of the same transaction history and technical details as Bitcoin but introduces changes like larger block sizes to allow more transactions per block. The increased capacity is meant to reduce transaction fees and waiting times. Supporters believed higher Bitcoin fees and delayed transactions conflicted with its use as currency. Ongoing debates over Bitcoin's scalability led to the high-profile fork and creation of Bitcoin Cash as a BTC alternative.

How is the BCH price calculated?

YouHodler sources data from several of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, Huobi, and OKEx,  to deliver the most precise BCH valuation. This aggregation method means that the BCH price reflected on YouHodler is a true representation of its global market standing. 

BCH to USD Price

The conversion rate of Bitcoin Cash to USD is in a state of continual flux, reflecting the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. This constant variation underscores the importance of safeguarding your investment portfolio. Fortunately, YouHodler offers a comprehensive set of tools designed to manage your crypto assets effectively. With options to buy, sell, loan, multiply, or simply hold your BCH, YouHodler gives you the flexibility to adapt to market changes and optimize the growth potential of your funds, regardless of the current BCH to USD exchange rate.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Chart

Stay informed about BCH with the price chart available here. YouHodler simplifies tracking BCH's market performance, whether you're holding long-term or actively trading. The user-friendly price chart for  BCH is just a scroll away at the top of this page. As veterans know, a finger on the pulse of pricing can make all the difference amidst crypto's unexpected twists and turns.

Check prices of Bitcoin Cash on YouHodler’s mobile wallet app 

Keep a close eye on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) prices with YouHodler's dedicated wallet app. Available for both iOS and Android devices, this app is your gateway to tracking BCH prices with ease. Download it to ensure you have constant, free access to the latest BCH price updates, no matter where you are or what time it is. This tool is perfect for staying informed about Bitcoin Cash's market movements on the go.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price prediction

Where is the price of BCH going? This is a question many investors and traders ask, and while the future is never certain, you can still keep yourself informed. YouHodler offers an innovative platform that frequently updates with the latest news, technical analysis, and Bitcoin Cash price trends. These resources give you some insight into where your BCH investments might be heading.

To complement this information you should take on your own independent research. By combining YouHodler's updates with your research, you can develop a more comprehensive strategy for managing your Bitcoin Cash portfolio.

How to get a loan with BCH

YouHodler's platform also offers the flexibility to use BCH as collateral for crypto-backed loans. With this approach, you get to retain your BCH holdings while still having liquidity, supporting the philosophy of 'HODLing' and profiting in the long run.

Clone your BCH with YouHodler Turbocharge

Our Turbocharge feature presents an exciting opportunity for those who are optimistic about the future price of Bitcoin Cash. This tool allows you to clone your BCH holdings, potentially multiplying your investment if the market moves in your favor. It's a forward-thinking feature for those confident in BCH's market performance to increase exposure to Bitcoin Cash. Turbocharge your BCH now.

Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash
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