YouHodler Year in Review: 2023

Dec 29, 2023
YouHodler Year in Review

2023 was a whirlwind year, not just in terms of crypto prices, but in terms of structural changes to the industry. We see them as healthy growth as Web3 technologies continue to mature: deeper integration of decentralized finance (DeFi) with traditional financial systems, regulatory advancements like the MiCA framework, traditional institutions’ increasing interest in crypto ETFs, and some traditional giants’ adoption of blockchain technology.

YouHodler 2023 was a year marked by continuous developments, innovative breakthroughs, and a relentless commitment to putting our clients first. As we bid farewell to this dynamic year, let's take a moment to celebrate the milestones that solidified YouHodler's position as a leading force in the Web3 financial services space.

We keep building leading Web 3 FinTech

YouHodler platform already includes a combination of all traditional and Web3 financial services, including all major networks and tokens as well as all main fiat currencies and traditional payment systems. This year on the crypto side we integrated 28 more crypto pairs and new networks; on the fiat side, we implemented traditional IBANS to streamline the user experience and unlock even more ways to use crypto and fiat together. 

YouHodler branded card was introduced to the first group of our EU clients and after polishing the integration will be soon rolled out to our all customer base. 

YouHodler clients can enjoy a seamless blend of traditional finance and crypto. They can: 

  • transact, 
  • borrow, 
  • buy, 
  • sell, 
  • trade, 
  • and grow their digital assets

 with the YouHodler All-in-One Platform. 

User-Centric Trading engine

This year MultiHODL received a major overhaul, becoming lightning-fast, ultra-stable, undeniably stylish, and user-centric, simplifying analysis and segmentation for informed decision-making. 

Now you can trade with more than 70 crypto instruments on MultiHODL. Every transaction takes just milliseconds and you can choose between easy-to-use simple charts or a Pro-style Trading View. We didn't stop there! Now traders have more tools to manage their positions, with  Pending Orders and the "Increase Position" option, we packed the platform with tools to empower your crypto journey.

MultiHODL's "new look" now with Classic and TradingView charts

Unveiling New Loyalty Opportunities

Having a customer-first approach in mind we’re trying to do our best to fill the App with the most useful and engaging features. This year we introduced stories, to keep YouHodler clients up to date without leaving the app; implemented the "Miner" feature and the YouHodler Loyalty Program which opened up exciting new avenues for earning and maximizing your crypto potential. Rewards 3.0 and the dedicated Yield Account ensure your holdings work double-time for you.

YouHodler Cloud Miner
New "Stories" features gives you breaking news and insights right in the app

Speaking of a Client-First Approach (Always). We don't just say it, we live it. Our Customer Success Team's lightning-fast response times (a mere 5 minutes compared to the industry average of 24 hours!) speak volumes about their dedication to our customers. This year, they tackled hundreds of thousands of requests leaving cases closed with satisfied smiles

Building Bridges

Since 2017, YouHodler has been pioneering mass-market crypto-fiat Web3 products. Now, we're taking it a step further by empowering other financial institutions (banks, neobanks, wallets, etc.) with our B2B solution. Forget lengthy development cycles. Integrate YouHodler's ready-made crypto offerings—blockchain infrastructure, wallets, exchange, and lending/trading engines—in just 60 days! This "Zero to Hero" approach unlocks new revenue streams for you, increases customer satisfaction with crypto access, and boosts user lifetime value.

We offer three flexible models:  

  • White Label (80/20 revenue share): Own the platform branding and experience.
  • Referral co-branding (50/50 revenue share): Seamless integration with your existing brand.
  • 100% system ownership: Get a tailored copy of the YouHodler platform hosted on your ecosystem. 

The benefits are clear:

  • Attract new customers: Convert up to 8% of your user base into long-term crypto holders.
  • Boost loyalty: Engage 2.6% with active crypto exploration.
  • Unlock revenue: Generate an average $350 monthly revenue per active user with a 12-month lifetime value.

One EU neobank has already seen the benefits. In 2024, YouHodler looks to help many more. 

Find YouHodler on Ledger Live

As for the crypto-partnerships Clients can now find YouHodler Loans and MultiHODL integrated into Ledger Live, allowing seamless borrowing and trading of funds stored in their Ledger wallets. 

We believe that with a growing trend of crypto adoption by traditional financial institutions, YouHodler's technologies have the potential to become the lifeblood of this revolution. Our wide range of Web3 financial services bridges the gap between the established financial world and the exciting possibilities of Web3. As trust in crypto flourishes and its user base expands, YouHodler will be at the forefront, empowering a new generation of financially empowered individuals with tools that unlock the true potential of their wealth. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

And of course that’s not all. Our team, hailing from 17 diverse corners of the globe, embodies the collaborative spirit that fuels our success. We accomplished greatness this year. YouHodler's innovations and achievements captured the attention of leading media outlets like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, The Block, Reuters, and Financial Express. This generated over 20 million impressions throughout the year, solidifying our reputation as a prominent player in the crypto space.

Furthermore, we participated in several industry-leading events in Switzerland, France, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Cyprus, Dubai, and more as:

  • Speakers;
  • Exhibitors
  • Attendees.

In many cases, we represented not just our Company, but our Industry and even our Countries. 

The team’s dedication resulted in YouHodler reaching dizzying new heights. The platform's total volume skyrocketed to an all-time high in March and has continued to climb steadily ever since. User acquisition went into overdrive, with total signups surging by 36%, KYC-verified accounts growing by 53%, and client activations skyrocketing by 93%.

Plans for 2024

These internal victories solidify YouHodler's foundation for even greater heights in 2024. With a renewed focus on promotional initiatives, B2B marketing, product upgrades, and team expansion, YouHodler is poised to revolutionize the crypto-backed financial services landscape further.

With 2023 behind us, we're more energized to push the boundaries in 2024 and beyond. We remain committed to empowering our clients, growing our community, and shaping the future of crypto-backed financial services.

So, raise a glass to the heroes behind the scenes, and prepare for an even more phenomenal year ahead!

Thank you for being a part of the YouHodler community. “Cheers,” “Salut,” “Prost,” “Saluti,” and“Salud” to a prosperous 2024 and beyond!

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