YouHodler Prepares to Add GRAM for Telegram Open Network

Apr 16, 2019

The crypto community is ecstatic about Telegram’s new Telegram Open Network (TON) project following a recent announcement. As of today, TON is finally in the private beta regime and open to a select number of developers. Before TON officially launches, these developers wil tweak out the details and hopefully prepare for public launch soon. Building off this hype, YouHodler also has an exciting announcement regarding TON and our platform.

YouHodler planning for TON token integration

While the devs are hard at work on TON, our own tech team is brainstorming some innovative concepts. Since we got access to test TON’s blockchain, we have a firsthand look at it’s potential. From what we can see, it will be an incredibly fast and efficient blockchain that will have multiple utilities on the YouHodler platform. As of today, we are starting the investigation process on GRAM (TON’s native token) integration. When it goes live, YouHodler will use GRAM as a collateral option and due to its massive potential, we will find other ways to utilize it as well.

Why is there so much hype surrounding TON?

TON is one of the most anticipated projects in the history of cryptocurrency. The hype began last year when Telegram’s ICO  raised an incredible 1.7 billion dollars. Telegram’s goal is to create a completely decentralized blockchain network on the same level of Ethereum and NEO, with decentralized applications (dApps) and a platform token (GRAM). If GRAM can maintain the market capitalization it had during the ICO, it will instantly become one of the most valuable coins in the market.

GRAM launch on YouHodler added to growing roadmap

The eventual addition of GRAM to the YouHodler platform is just one of many features planned for the coming months. Following the recent addition of DASH, we plan to add EOS, ZEC, and more collateral options soon. For those that missed the news, we recently announced crypto to crypto conversion, crypto to fiat conversion and the ability to buy crypto with fiat on YouHodler. This makes us a “one-stop shop” for HODLers to hedge and leverage their assets while also utilizing crypto/fiat banking tools that other platforms do not have.

Special "GRAM" offer for new users

In order to celebrate this good news, we’d like to announce that all users that either take a loan or make a conversion on YouHodler before GRAM launches, will get a 50% discount from our platform for any GRAM operations once they are available on the platform.

So head on over to YouHodler.com today to sign up if you haven’t’ done so already and take advantage of our new features and limited time offers.

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