YouHodler: The First Ever Platform With Bitcoin Loans

Oct 3, 2019

YouHodler has always been a pioneer for crypto-fiat financial services and today, we are happy to announce another achievement inline with that trademark. Now, we are expanding our suite of features with the launch of a Bitcoin (BTC) loan offering tied against 12+ cryptocurrencies as collateral. With this release, YouHodler is the first company to have such a feature.

This new BTC loan offering will bridge the gap of conventional crypto-backed loans in fiat with digital assets and enable access to customers and new clients who are looking to expand their crypto portfolio while simultaneously benefit from YouHodler’s large suit of lending, converting and trading features.

BTC Loans are a financial revolution for the “real Hodlers”

Over the past few months at YouHodler, we noticed a large customer demand for a new instrument. An instrument for the real hodlers who strongly believe in crypto. This financial revolution of sorts inspired us to bring BTC loans to the public. With all the hype around the “altcoin death” BTC loans are a great tool that will help one hedge their altcoin portfolio while also benefiting from BTC pumps and dumps. 

Hedge altcoins, benefit from Bitcoin growth and “turbocharge” your BTC portfolio

Bitcoin lending is for the active holders that want to get additional BTC in their portfolio and benefit from its growth without having to sell any altcoins. Altcoins are not so stable anymore but that’s no reason to sell them. Hedge your altcoins on YouHodler with a BTC loan and benefit from the growth of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, simultaneously benefit from altcoin growth during a bullish market or lessen the damage of altcoin price reduction with the increase of your BTC holdings.

YouHodler’s interest rates (between 5-7%) are often smaller that of the Bitcoin market. Hence, users can actually buy BTC at a cheaper rate if the market conditions are favorable.

The first platform that lets users borrow BTC; be part of history today!

With the new ability to borrow BTC, YouHodler users can also choose BTC as the main currency for all YouHodler operations. To set BTC as the main currency on your account, simply go to your account and scroll to the top of the page. You’ll see a currency setting button where users can choose from USD, EUR or BTC. Selecting BTC unlocks a whole new realm of BTC based features for you to enjoy:

  • Borrow BTC. Using the “Get Loan” feature, you can own Bitcoin without buying it. This feature allows borrowing BTC in return for any of the 12 supported cryptos (except stable coins).
  • Turbocharge BTC. Use any of your cryptocurrencies to multiply your BTC portfolio.
  • BTC Savings account. Earn up to 7.2% per annum from your BTC assets. 

Be part of history and join us as the first platform to offer a Bitcoin lending service. Strengthen your BTC portfolio today with a BTC loan at YouHodler.com

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