YouHodler Announces Launch of its Swiss Platform

Jan 19, 2021
Landscape photo of Lausanne, Switzerland with the text "YouHodler: Switzerland" overlaying it.

After months of hard work, numerous requests from our Swiss friends, and mountains of legal paperwork higher than the Alps themselves, YouHodler is finally pleased to say YouHodler SA is officially open for business. YouHodler SA features a possibility to use our services allowing universal currency conversions for global clients and crypto-backed loans/conversion services for both Swiss and global customers. 

Other popular features like Multi HODL, Savings Accounts, and Turbocharge will be provided by YouHodler SA in the future.

YouHodler SA is open for business: Here is what you can do

Firstly, we want to say a big “thank you” to all of our loyal clients from all around the world. You’ve waited patiently while YouHodler took the necessary legal steps to set up our entity in Switzerland and now, we are happy to say we’ve delivered on that promise to you. We hope this announcement strengthens your interest and support and we’re excited to welcome new clients to YouHodler Swiss where they can discover exciting ways to become an “active HODLer.”

The following features are available right now:

Crypto-backed loans (For Swiss citizens): Don’t sell your crypto (especially in a bull market like this). Instead, use it as collateral for an instant CHF, USD, EUR, or stablecoin loan. Use that loan to buy more crypto when the market dips or withdraw it directly to your Swiss bank account to use on your everyday expenses.

Universal currency conversion (For Swiss and global citizens): Via our partnered exchanges, clients can execute instant conversions between all currency pairs directly on YouHodler. Our platform features universal conversion meaning any currency can be converted to any other currency without limits. Our conversion rate of 0.5% is competitive with top exchanges on the market and we work to always create the most cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

When will YouHodler offer Savings Accounts and Multi HODL for Swiss clients?

We are well aware that Savings Accounts and Multi HODL are two of our most popular features but for the time being, they are not available for Swiss clients. We absolutely intend to offer our full range of services in the near future which is in line with our roadmap to completely establish ourselves in Switzerland. However, our Swiss legal entity (YouHodler SA) is not yet regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Still, we are working hard to become fully regulated under Swiss law which will grant us approval for operating as a complete platform in the country. 

Strike while the iron’s hot: instant loans and low fees on conversions 

Have you seen the market lately? Yes, it’s pretty easy to be a passive HODLer and make some profit but imagine the possibilities one could have if one became an active HODLer? That is what YouHodler SA offers you. With our instant crypto-backed loans, you get immediate access to buy more crypto using borrowed funds and capitalize on the market’s volatility.

When the market rises, you can potentially cover the entire fees of the loan and profit beyond that. On top of that, our fully-functional services help you quickly and easily exchange all types of currencies right on the platform. Now, no more time is wasted shuffling between crypto wallets and crypto exchanges. In a volatile market like this, it’s essential to act fast and YouHodler SA gives you all the necessary tools to do that. Furthermore, with our low fees, you’ll be saving money by staying with YouHodler.

So head to www.youhodler-swiss.com right now and explore all the options we have to help you accumulate more crypto during this advantageous market.


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