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YouHodler France Joins ADAN to help promote Blockchain Industry Growth

The YouHodler Team
December 13, 2022
The YouHodler logo and the ADAN logo together

YouHodler has officially announced it is joining the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAN), the largest grouping of cryptocurrency companies in France. 

Founded in 2020, ADAN brings together professionals in the digital asset and blockchain sector throughout France and Europe. YouHodler joins over 200 members which make up a wide range of activities including markets, payments, custody, analytic tools, security, and user support. 

Regarding the announcement, Adam Gelineau, Head of YouHodler France stated:

“We are thrilled to join ADAN as a new member. ADAN represents reputable companies in the digital asset and blockchain technology sector and they’ve made it their mission to promote the development of players in France they are clearly in a position to weigh in on industry discussions in Europe. We know we are in good company with ADAN and their other members, which includes several thematic groups of trusted experts, and look forward to a long, sustainable relationship.”

In recent years, YouHodler has quickly expanded throughout Europe with legal entities in Switzerland, Cyprus, Italy, and now France. YouHodler France, which is in the process to get authorization to provide crypto services locally, states they would like to play an active role in the association and help develop new opportunities in the country. 

About YouHodler

YouHodler is a multi-faced FinTech platform featuring multiple Web3 crypto and fiat services. YouHodler’s wallet is uniquely designed for the “active HODLers” of the world that want to put their crypto portfolio to use aside from simple HODLing and trading. The platform is progressive enough for experts while also user-friendly and accessible for those just starting in crypto.

To learn more about YouHodler visit https://www.youhodler.com/

About ADAN

Adan (Association for the Development of Crypto-Assets) brings together crypto-assets and blockchain professionals in France and Europe. Its members cover many activities: markets, custody, payments, management, analysis tools, and project and user support. Adan’s mission is to unite the digital asset industry and promote its development in the service of a new digital economy. To this end, the Association has technical expertise in digital assets and maintains a close dialogue with public authorities and industry associations.

To learn more about Adan visit: https://adan.eu/

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