YouHodler Annual Team Building Week: Cyprus 2021

Dec 6, 2021
The youhodler team poses for a group photo at the 2021 YouHodler team building conference.

Thanks to the efficiency that technology brings, international borders are more translucent than ever. Like many companies in 2021, YouHodler has the luxury of a remote team, working together in harmony while remaining in all corners of the globe. While this is certainly an amazing experience for us all, we still have the old-fashioned philosophy that physical, team-building meetups are necessary to nurture relationships and foster positive growth in the company. That’s why we hold an annual team-building week for all YouHodler employees. This year, we took our growing family to the beautiful Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus for a few days of hard work, fun times, and future planning. 

Our main goals heading into “Cyprus 2021”

The scenic coastline and warm weather of Cyprus may conjure up images of a beach holiday but this team trip was no leisure activity. Sure, we had a lot of fun but the main goal of the trip was to encourage team building and more importantly, determine the next large goals for the upcoming year. 

Approximately 40 team members attended the meetup, coming from all around the world. The YouHodler team features members from the UK, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus, Serbia, Malta, Lithuania, and Namibia. We’re proud of our international melting pot and we think it is one of the main factors for our success.

Each day consisted of a team meeting for the whole group and after that, we divided into our respective divisions for long-term strategic planning and daily tasks. At the end of the week, we had a gala dinner where we voted on the year’s best employees who then won a prize. 

Plans for 2022 finalized

We’d love to share our objectives and key results (OKRs) with you that were established at the Cyprus meetup but unfortunately, we can only give so much away. The best we can say is to stay tuned because we have some new, big features coming soon on the platform. In addition to planning these development tasks, we also made several important strategic decisions regarding the direction of the company.

Cyprus 2021 “Most Valuable Players”

Denis: MVP of marketing and customer success

As stated before, we always hold a gala event at the end of the week where we dine together, share stories, and vote on the “MVP” of the year. From the IT team, Michael S. won Best IT Employee of the Year. Denis T. won the Best Marketing and Customer Success Team employee of the year (for the second time). For the overall best YouHodler employee of the year award, our legal counsel Julian G. took home that award. Each member was rewarded with one of the most valuable prizes in the world...cryptocurrency of course.

Michael: MVP of the IT department
Julian: YouHodler "Employee of the Year"

All eyes are on 2022: Big things to come!

A few other highlights to mention was the productive hackathon we had, the results of which produced several innovative concepts for new and powerful platform features. These will be implemented soon and we will share much more details with you in later blog posts. From the marketing side of operations, we brainstormed new approaches to market our products and deliver top-tier service to technical analysts, traders, HODLers, and much more. 

Now here are a few more photos to enjoy from our unforgettable Cyprus team experience:

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