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YouHodler Ambassador Program: Be More Than Just a Client

The YouHodler Team
July 31, 2020
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YouHodler loves our clients. We really do. That being said, why limit ourselves to just a business-to-customer relationship when we can be so much more? That’s where our new Ambassador Program comes in. Now, you have the chance to become one of our closest friends, getting exclusive gifts, YouHodler branded merchandise, increased interest rates, commission discounts, video calls with our CEO, staff, and more. Interested? We thought so. Here’s some more information. 

What does a YouHodler Ambassador really do?

YouHodler ambassadors are our friends and closest allies. They are loyal, passionate member of the community that wants to support us in various ways such as promoting the YouHodler website and app, providing feedback to improve our services and assisting new users to get accustomed to the platform. From day one, we have always labeled ourselves as a community-driven project and now, this is your opportunity to get involved in YouHodler more than ever before. 

Ambassadors are respected and highly valued. Your opinion matters and as stated earlier on, you’ll be rewarded for offering it. To be clear though, this is not a paid position. This is a friendship and as we all know, friendship is more valuable than all the money in the world. However, we recognize everyone needs to eat and if you want to support YouHodler and get monetary compensation for it, we have a wonderful affiliate program for that very purpose. The Ambassador Program, however, allows you to be a little more creative, flexible, and inspirational to the community while still having the opportunity to earn non-monetary rewards. 

How you can contribute as a YouHodler Ambassador

If you’re interested in Joining the YouHodler Ambassador program, here are a few ways to get you started:

  1. Inspire community engagement through conversations, articles, and events. The natural growth of the community is our number one goal.
  2. Be an advocate by sharing knowledge about our services and brand. Help to prevent the “fake news” from our competitors. Educate people using our vast resources and educational articles from our Help Desk Portal. 
  3. Provide local insights in your native language. Share the news from our main social media channels to help YouHodler be locally relevant.
  4. Help drive brand awareness and inspire community engagement. Direct people to resources that increase YouHodler brand awareness. e.g. media posts, press releases, YouTube videos.
  5. Are you a professional trader, blogger, YouTuber, or influencer in your area? Contact us if you have some special talents and will find a way you can use it to help expand our community.

Join us now and be the change you want to see in the world

Every day, people wish they had the power to make some sort of difference in their communities. Well, wish no longer. This is your chance to be a part of the inspiring crypto revolution. Be active, get your hands dirty, and help take this industry to a place beyond its potential. The YouHodler team is here waiting and we can’t wait to meet you. 

So don’t be shy, join us now by CLICKING HERE

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