YouHodler 2.0 “Affinity” is Officially Here

Aug 5, 2020
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YouHodler 2.0 “Affinity”, the latest version of one of the world’s most innovative FinTech platforms is now available for users to fully enjoy. With Affinity, users can experience the power of YouHodler’s wallets, world-renowned Savings Accounts, and the original Multi HODL feature now all in one convenient product fusion. Adding to this is a complete overhaul of the platform’s UX/UI with updated charts and an overall improved user-friendly interface. Affinity makes it easier than ever for YouHodler users to manage their assets, earn passive interest, and activate their cryptocurrency to profitability. 

YouHodler Affinity introduces limitless Savings Accounts 

YouHodler’s old savings accounts were one of the platform’s most popular features of this year but for stablecoins, each user was limited to a 50,000 maximum deposit amount. Now, Affinity creatively addressed that issue with new, “limitless” Savings Accounts. With the combination of the Multi HODL feature, users can now earn interest on amounts above the maximum limit and also get the opportunity to profit further using Multi HODL’s lending-powered multiplication engine.

Essentially, this creates a new, malleable environment that bends the tough restrictions on how one can use their money. Instead, offering a new solution that puts the control in the hands of the user so they can dictate their own story of passive savings mixed with more competitive trading techniques. 

HODL + earn + multiply: All in one place

YouHodler 1.0 featured separate wallets for the simple “HODLing” of crypto. If users were interested in earning interest on that crypto, they would then have to move the funds from that wallet to another savings account. YouHodler 2.0 however deemed this extra step unnecessary which is why Affinity features savings, wallets, and also Multi HODL all in one convenient wallet. 

As soon as a user deposits crypto into their wallet, they will see an option to sign a Savings Reward Agreement which will activate the Savings Account tool in that wallet and they can start earning interest on the digital asset in that specific wallet. Also newly added to each wallet is a visual earnings dashboard.

When a user clicks the wallet, they can see a detailed display of all earnings information for the specific asset. This is represented by a chart (choice of a line graph or candlestick) with hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, 90 days, and yearly data sets. Earnings data is updated daily and earned interest is calculated every seven days for a weekly payout to the user. 

Also joining the wallet is Multi HODL. Once a separate feature, users can now easily multiply their funds’ right from their wallet/savings account with a click of a button. To open up a new Multi HODL position, users can click the “UP/DOWN'' buttons on coin wallets or click the single “BOOST” button on stablecoin or fiat wallets.

Multi HODL gets aesthetic improvement on Affinity

Another bold addition to the Multi HODL environment is several aesthetic changes users will enjoy. New charts, featuring line and candlestick varieties are now available in addition to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, 90 day and yearly data sets. Furthermore, the Multi HODL page is more advanced, yet simple, allowing users to easily choose:

  • An asset to multiply (list of coins)
  • Direction (up or down)
  • Amount
  • Multiplier (now up to x10)
  • Customizable Take Profit and Margin Call levels
  • Detail Box explaining the internal mechanics of each Multi HODL position

Note: For any deal, that didn't bring our customers profit, only the Origination (0.45%) and Hourly fees (0.1%) should be paid. This is a minimal payment, that allows us to create a Multi HODL deal and use its benefits. A profitable deal results in 10% of the profit share to be paid in addition to the Origination and Hourly fees.

Important information about “old” savings accounts

As just mentioned, YouHodler 2.0 features new Savings Accounts integrated into each individual asset wallet. Clients can earn on their wallet balances without the need for a separate savings account. That being said, we are not forcing people to immediately abandon their “old” savings accounts. For those that want to keep earning interest on those savings accounts, they are free to do so. However, functionality is limited. 

Users can not add any more funds to their old savings accounts or use old savings accounts with other features like Multi HODL. There will be a grace period for users to move funds from the old savings to the new savings accounts. On Sep 1, 2020, all balances from old savings accounts will automatically transfer to the new wallet. Interest rates remain the same. Please remember to sign the new Savings Reward Agreement to start earning interest. 

Additionally, for our early adopters and loyal users who requested custom savings account terms, those same terms will be honored with the release of YouHodler 2.0.

“Affinity” is here (and it’s just beginning)

We hope you enjoy the updated environment that Affinity brings the YouHodler experience. Keep in mind, this is just Phase 1. We will be introducing more new features soon such as “Dark Mode” and new coins that will keep taking Affinity to higher highs.

YouHodler is a community-driven platform and we thank you for all your suggestions along the way. We believe YouHodler 2.0 is our most ambitious upgrade yet that makes asset management, HODLing, and multiplying more efficient and seamless than ever before. If you have any questions about these new changes, please talk to us at support@youhodler.com or via any of our social media channels.

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