STASIS Euro-backed Stablecoin: Earn 12% APY on YouHodler

Oct 26, 2020
graphic introducing the EURS stablecoin to the YouHodler FinTech platform

After months of high client demand, YouHodler is pleased to officially announce the addition of the first Euro-backed stablecoin to the platform. As of today, users can deposit the STASIS EURS stablecoin to the platform and start earning 12% APY with these new Euro savings accounts. We are thrilled to partner with an organization such as STASIS for this event, and we know our clients will enjoy this new high-interest savings account.

Here’s how to open your Euro high-interest savings account

YouHodler users can earn 12% APY on EUR immediately. Just like all other YouHodler savings accounts, interest payouts occur weekly and are paid in the coin of the corresponding wallet (in this case, EURS). Funds are never locked, and users can withdraw at any time. However, interest is compounding, meaning the longer one holds their funds in the savings account, the more they earn at a parabolic growth rate.

To open your EURS high-interest savings account, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to EURS YouHodler app (iOS, Android, Web);

Step 2: Deposit EURS to your EURS wallet;

Step 3: Sign the Savings Reward Agreement (if you haven’t already done so);

Step 4: Watch your EURS accumulate.

Introduction to STASIS (welcome to the family!)

STASIS is a Malta-based crypto-enabler platform that provides an institutional-grade link between the decentralized finance world and the off-chain market. The EURS asset created by the company is the world’s largest euro-backed digital asset, mirroring the value of the Euro on the blockchain. It’s an EIP-20 token on the Ethereum network, and all EURS are propped up by liquidity assurance mechanisms provided by fiat Euros at a 1:1 ratio held in the reserve account.

It’s essential to note that EURS is an excellent tool for European investors to protect them during periods of high volatility on the crypto market while also improving the “risk and return metrics” of their crypto portfolios. 

On the topic of stablecoin adoption, STATIS CEO Gregory Klumov states

“It's thrilling to witness how high the demand for top industry stablecoins had increased since the crisis started: institutional investors, along with mainstream users, want to shelter their funds. The mainstream adoption is happening, and people will be more comfortable switching gears if anything unpredictable happens. EURS, being the largest non-dollar stablecoin in 2020, provides many benefits for users of the EU zone and beyond. Think of fiat-backed stablecoin as your lifeboat in a volatile ocean of traditional finance and seas of cryptocurrencies."

With banks in Europe offering negative interest rates on savings accounts, the chance to earn 12% on EURS is a much more profitable alternative that can provide a source of passive income for many “HODLers.”

How much do you need to open a savings account?

Unlike other platforms, there is no minimum investment needed to start earning interest. To open a savings account, simply deposit EURS to the platform, and the interest generation begins. We’d like to personally thank all our active clients for always pushing us to improve and explore new heights and raise the bar for our services. For those new to the platform, head to today to sign up andstart earning high interest on your digital assets.


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