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MultiHODL 3.0 is Here: Faster Trading Engine with Lower Fees

The YouHodler Team
August 15, 2022
Multi HODL 3.0

As we consistently say at YouHodler, we are a "client driven company." That means we evolve based on suggestions and feedback from our loyal clients. That's why we are pleased to announce a new update to one of our most popular features, Multi HODL “Multi HODL 3.0” includes a modified trading engine bringing faster rates, improved execution speed, and lower fees. 

What is MultiHODL?

For those that don't already know, MultiHODL is a unique trading tool based on a crypto lending principle. In the feature, clients take loans to either buy or sell more crypto, effectively helping them long or short the market. Using these loans, traders can multiply their crypto up to 50 times depending on the outcome of the deal. 

What's new in MultiHODL 3.0?

Now, YouHodler developers created a new trading engine for Multi HODL, modifying it to increase rate flows by up to 20 times. YouHodler Editor-in-Chief Anthony Cerullo stated that

“With our new MultiHODL trading engine, we are happy to announce execution speed is much faster than before. We know some traders mentioned freezing issues when opening or closing a MultiHODL deal. Now, those problems are completely gone.”

We also decreased MultiHODL trading fees, claiming they are now lower than fees on major exchanges. 

So head over to the YouHodler app or website (whatever you prefer) to give our new and improved MultiHODL feature a try!

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