YouHodler’s "Top HODLer” Wins iPhone; Shares Trading Technique

May 19, 2020

The day has come. Our highly popular “Smartphone for Active HODLers” contest has finally ended. Inspired by the 3rd Bitcoin Halving event, YouHodler wanted to make a contest to help people take advantage of Bitcoin’s volatility before and after the event using our Multi HODL tool. Hundreds of you came out to participate and as we can see in the rankings, many of you found some amazing profits using Multi HODL. As for the grand prize though, only one contestant can win.

Today, we sat down with our winner Taaniel from Estonia for a quick interview. Taaniel finished with a total profit +192.57%.

Top Multi HODLer profits big and wins the grand prize (interview below)

The final results from our top-10 HODLers

YouHodler Team (YT): Thank you again for participating in our contest and we’re thrilled to award you with a brand new smartphone (along with the big profit you already got from Multi Hodl). Do you consider yourself more of HODLer or a trader? Do you think YouHodler has helped you “activate your crypto?”

Taaniel: “I am a Hodler but a few months ago I tried trading and I saw a “twitter god” @SatoshiFlipper  who shared positions when to enter and then I just knew that this dude is perfect to follow, Since then I have traded and raised 4x my portfolio. By the way, I’m doing this as a hobby and not going to be a full-time trader. "

YT: Now that Bitcoin halving is over, what is your opinion on the market from here on out? Are you bullish or bearish?

Taaniel: “Very bullish.”

YT: What’s your favorite cryptocurrency and why?

Taaniel: “Bitcoin, because it’s the number one cryptocurrency and brings the most money to me.” (smiles).

YT: Since you are a master Multi HODLer, do you have any valuable tips for the YouHodler community when using this feature or anything else on the platform?

Taaniel: “Just practice a lot. Make sure you can afford to lose what you are betting and don’t leverage trade 125x. For YouHodler, it would be nice for users to adjust holding duration manually for Multi HODL.”

YT: Thank you and congratulations again to you for this contest!

Now's your chance to be the #1 Multi HODLer

Did you miss out on participating this time or perhaps you were so close to #1 but want a second chance? Don’t worry! There will be plenty more Multi HODL contests and other creative events just like this one in the near future. In the meantime, head to YouHodler.com right now and open a Multi HODL position.

The market moves every single day, hour, minute and second. This gives you millions of opportunities to capitalize on market movements in both directions. Using Multi HODL, users can easily choose which crypto they want to multiply, which direction they think the market will go and then how much risk they want to put behind that decision. In addition, there are other risk management tools like Set Close Price to ensure you get the optimal desired outcome.

To see Multi HODL in action, all you have to do is see the image above. Those are big results from real, active YouHodler clients. That could easily be you on that list and all it takes is a few minutes of your time. If you already have funds in your YouHodler Savings Account then you're already 90% of the way there. Simply click, Multi HODL, choose "Savings Account" as your source of funds and begin your Multi HODL adventure. Furthemore, you'll keep earning interest in your savings account throughout the whole process. Whatever you bring back as profit is just an added bonus.

So before the next contest comes, start building up your Multi HODL skills today and activate your portfolio.

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