YouHodler Appoints Ex-UBP Senior Compliance Officer As Chief Risk And Compliance Officer

Jul 30, 2021
A photo of Igor Bannikov

YouHodler family! We are happy to welcome a talented new addition to our inner circle. Today, we appointed Igor Bannikov as Chief Risk and Compliance Officer (CRCO) and Member of our Management Team. In his new role, Igor will oversee compliance within all YouHodler’s entities to ensure that financial and operational procedures and personal conduct comply with all relevant and applicable laws and regulations. As a CRCO he will work closely with all the team members to develop a comprehensive risk and compliance management framework.

“Igor is a great addition to our team not only because of his impressive expertise managing risk and compliance, but also because he shares YouHodler’s values,” says Ilya Volkov, CEO & Founder of YouHodler. “We’re delighted to welcome Igor to our team, and believe we will succeed together”. 

Meet Igor Bannikov

Holder of Master Degrees in Finance and Law from leading Swiss Universities, Igor Bannikov has over 10 years of Swiss banking experience. Before joining YouHodler Igor served at different senior Risk and Compliance positions at Union Bancaire Privée (UBP), one of the largest private banks in Switzerland, UBS, the biggest retail bank in Switzerland as well as advised several other Swiss Banks on Risk and Compliance related topics. Among other things, he has been consulting in regulatory compliance, AML compliance, client due-diligence, taxation and KYC related matters. He has also experience in setting up a risk control and monitoring system.

“I’m thrilled to join the YouHodler team and look forward to contributing to building a consumer-centric entity that supports the coexistence of crypto and fiat for the benefit of people,” says Igor Bannikov, recently appointed as Chief Risk and Compliance Officer. “I am honored to work with such an experienced team and believe in our fruitful cooperation.” 

Offering crypto services, YouHodler helps people to understand and utilize the benefits of crypto assets and to avoid zero and negative interest rates on their savings with traditional banks. Unlocking the value of crypto assets, the team shares a mission of helping people stop passive holding and start using crypto assets right now. Joining the team, Igor will drive legal, regulatory and operational compliance and manage risk assessments worldwide, bringing YouHodler closer to its strategic goals. 

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