How to Make a Passive Income With YouHodler’s Affiliate Program

May 20, 2019

Despite the minor correction at the end of last week, the crypto market is still looking healthy. As a result, YouHodler wants to take this opportunity to remind everyone of its affiliate program. With value percentages on the rise, affiliate members have an opportunity to earn more with each referral. Here’s how.

Increase your referral's value during crypto bull run

YouHodler’s affiliate program is focused around its crypto lending service. If your referral takes out 1-50 loans per month, then you will receive 1% of each loan amount they take. 51-100 loans gets you 2% from each loan and more than 100 loans per month gets you 3% from each loan. Customized offers are also available upon request.

The average YouHodler user takes 3.5 loans per month at a rate of 2,500 EUR per loan. Therefore, the average monthly payout with 50 referred customers per month equals around 4000 EUR. With this current bull run now, it’s the perfect opportunity to refer more friends and make more off each loan they take as the values rise.

How to join YouHodler's affiliate program

Joining YouHodler’s affiliate program is easy to apply for. Simply open an account on YouHodler.com to get your referral link. Send this referral link to as many friends as you can to maximize your profits. Payouts from YouHodfler come on a weekly basis and are available in crypto, USDT or fiat (USD, EUR)

Direct withdrawals to credit/debit card (Visa/Mastercard only) are available for fiat. Users can also convert fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to stablecoin on the platform.

Help shape the future of crypto

If you want to take part in shaping the future of crypto, then this referral program is one way to start. YouHodler rewards its users for spreading crypto use and adoption. So if you’re a HODLer that wants to help the market grow (and see your profits rise with it) then help share this opportunity with your friends.

Right now, it’s smart for any trader/hodler to leverage their crypto assets with YouHodler while their fees are nowhere near the price growth during a bull market. Combine this with the affiliate program, and there are multiple ways to build your portfolio on this platform.

So visit YouHodler’s affiliate program page today to learn more and take advantage of this current market before it takes another turn.

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