Free Crypto Loan: New “Anti-Crisis” Plan Features 0% Loan Fee

Mar 19, 2020
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In times of panic and global catastrophe, it’s time for us all to band together and help one another. From the crypto lending point of view, YouHodler is doing its part with a brand new, limited time offer. Fearing a 0% loan fee, the aptly named “Anti-Crisis” plan gives users a free crypto loan and more value for their collateral when they need it most. 

Free crypto loan available today until the end of the European lockdown

The parameters for this new fee-free loan are as follows:

  • 80% loan to value ratio (LTV)
  • BTC Collateral
  • 50-day term
  • and a 0% loan fee

Keep in mind this free crypto loan is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. So head to YouHodler.com to take advantage of this plan before the end of the European lockdown

This is a time for rehabilitation and exploration

It’s easy to connect the word “lockdown” with negative feelings but let’s look on the bright side here. This situation means more time at home with friends and family. It means more time to relax from your usually busy life and reflect on everything. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn a new hobby or start preparing for your financial future.

YouHodler is open 24/7 throughout the lockdown meaning you can explore all the tools we have to offer. Features like MultiHODL and Turbocharge can help you multiply your crypto portfolio in minutes, leaving you with the opportunity for profit when the market recovers. Meanwhile, our classic crypto-backed loans give you instant access to cash to buy your daily necessities without having to sell your beloved crypto assets.

*RISK DISCLAIMER: Price Down Limit (PDL) for this loan plan is -15% from the Initial Price. It works like a Stop Loss. In this case, the user keeps his/her loan without needing to repay and YouHodler keeps the collateral. YouHodler reserves the right to sell the collateral in the event of the collateral cryptocurrency price decreasing below a certain level.


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