YouHodler Quarterly Review: Q1 2022

Apr 6, 2022
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We are officially three months into 2022. At the beginning of the year, YouHodler set out to expand our client base to new, exciting territories, add more popular coins/tokens and in general improve our services for everyone. We’re happy to say we’ve accomplished all this and more in Q1 2022. For those that missed some of these big announcements on our blog, we decided to put this Q1 review so you can stay up to date with all things YouHodler

First-quarter reflection

Life moves fast at YouHodler. Sometimes we accomplish so much so quickly that we forget to take a breath, and reflect on all our accomplishments. So, let’s do that right now. Here are some of the biggest achievements we had in Q1. 

Switzerland citizens can now use Turbocharge and Multi HODL

We want to start this segment off by thanking our extremely patient Swiss friends. We know you have waited anxiously for months to use a more complete version of our platform and now, the wait is finally over. Swiss citizens can officially use Turbocharge and Multi HODL features, helping them activate their crypto in new ways. We hope you enjoy it!

Listing of the top metaverse tokens

We consider ourselves trendsetters at YouHodler, not trend chasers. That being said, when we see a good opportunity to enhance the overall experience for our clients, we jump all over it. Investing in the metaverse could be such an opportunity. That’s why we added Decentraland (MANA), The SandBox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), Illuvium (ILV), and Gala (GALA) for savings accounts, Turbocharge, Multi HODL, crypto exchange, and crypto-backed loans. So for those looking to explore the new, mysterious metaverse, you can now do so right here on YouHodler.

Sumsub integration

Just a couple of days ago, YouHodler partnered with Sumsub, further enriching our KYC verification process. Sumsub is a leading identity verification platform providing an all-in-one technical and legal toolkit to cover KYC/AML needs. Sumsub helps businesses convert more customers, speed up verification, reduce costs, and fight digital fraud. Relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence, its solution works globally, with support for 6,500 document types from over 220 countries and territories.

Sumsub joins the ranks of YouHodler’s already high-level KYC/AML tools to enforce its industry-best wallet and platform. YouHodler already uses Acuant and Ondato solutions to manage the KYC/AML process as well as Elliptic for crypto AML management.  Adding Sumsub will only make the process better for clients and more secure all around.

In addition, Sumsub will optimize YouHodler’s overall verification costs and bolster the platform’s relationship with the clients. 

Listing of 10 more popular coins and tokens

After hundreds of requests from our most loyal clients, YouHodler made a big leap by adding not one, but ten new coins to the platform.  FTX Token (FTT), 1inch Network (1INCH), Cosmos (ATOM), BitTorrent (BTT), Avalanche (AVAX), Filecoin (FIL), PancakeSwap (CAKE), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Elron (EGLD) and Zilliqa (ZIL) are now part of the YouHodler family. Clients can use these coins with all features to diversify their portfolios and activate their crypto.

New coins and tariff plans for Turbocharge and Classic Loans

To better enhance the popular Turbocharge and Classic Loans feature, YouHodler added several new coins and tariff plans (like PAXG for example). This means you have new flexibility in what coin you want to multiply or lend. It also means you have more flexibility in how you structure each loan. Give it a try today!

YouHodler Announces Appointment of Florian Ducommun to Board of Directors

Last month, YouHodleer announced the appointment of Florian Ducommun to its Board of Directors. As a member of the Board, Mr. Ducommun will take an active role in the development and execution of the corporate strategy with a focus on the structural changes, major investments, and supervising the legal strategy of the Company. 

We are pleased to welcome Florian to the YouHodler Board”, said Ilya Volkov, CEO, and co-founder of YouHodler. "This appointment is a culmination of our collaboration with Florian as our legal advisor since 2019. His deep experience in Blockchain and Fintech regulations is invaluable to YouHodler as we grow the business and pursue our global expansion plans."

YouHodler lists ApeCoin (APE) with a limited time 30% interest rate

Once again, the opportunity was just too perfect to pass up with ApeCoin. We saw the hype surrounding this project but we also saw the massive potential surrounding an NFT-community run token. Hence, we listed ApeCoin so clients can buy, exchange, trade, lend and earn APE. Furthermore, we are offering a limited-time savings account interest rate of 30% APR for all APE deposits. These high rates are available until April 30th. After that date, the interest rates will decrease to 3% APR plus compound. 

Plans for the future

While it’s always fun strolling down memory lane, it’s now time to pivot our thoughts and look toward the future. In Q2, our clients can expect more of the same in Q1, with more coins, more product tweaks, and a better experience overall. We typically don’t like to give away too much, but one thing we can say is that our updated refer-a-friend program is almost finished. We are adding some automated enhancements that will make the refer-a-friend process that much easier. Right now, we are in beta testing with the feature and testing it live with different segments of our client base. Check your profile section today to see if you’re one of the lucky ones who have this gift! 

Speaking of luck, also keep an eye out for our famous YouHodler contests, giveaways, and challenges, we just might have a very fun one coming soon! Aside from that, we always love to hear from our clients so if you have a suggestion, comment, or concern, please don’t be shy. Send our support team a message and let us know how we can improve the platform for you. 

Thanks for reading this Q1 review and we’ll see you in three months for another one.

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