New EOS Interest Account; Earn 5% APY on EOS Crypto

Oct 7, 2020
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Surely by now, many of you heard yesterday’s fantastic news about Google Cloud and EOS. The announcement caused EOS crypto price to jump nearly 16% in a single day, opening a lot of eyes in the crypto community. Personally, YouHodler sees a lot of potential in this newfound friendship and we want to help you all benefit. That’s why we’re introducing a few very important upgrades to the platform that EOS HODLers, and crypto enthusiasts, in general, will love.

EOS interest account; Earn 5% APY on EOS crypto deposits

YouHodler is adding another fantastic member to our savings account family. Starting right now, you can earn 5% APY on all EOS crypto deposits. You won’t find rates this high anywhere on the market currently so it’s a great opportunity to open an interest account and start making a passive income.

YouHodler’s interest account features daily earnings calculations with weekly payouts. Your crypto is never locked and there is no minimum deposit amount. All funds are fully covered by Ledger Vault’s $150 million pooled crime insurance. 

So head on over to YouHodler today and see what all the hype is surrounding our famous interest accounts. But we didn’t stop there. We also decided to give other EOS features on the platform a little boost.

Multiply EOS crypto up to x30 with Multi HODL

Due to recent news about Google, EOS is bound to have some volatile action in the near future (see the chart above). We already saw some yesterday when EOS jumped up 16% (and then back down again). To help you take full advantage of these sharp movements, we’ve added EOS to our innovative Multi HODL tool.

Now, you can choose to long or short Multi HODL via the “up” or “down” buttons and capitalize on each and every market movement. Furthermore, you don’t even need to own EOS to take advantage of its volatility. With Multi HODL, your source of funds can be from anywhere. So for example, if you’re holding USD or USDT in your interest account, you take funds from those wallest and multiply them via EOS’s rapid price growth/decline depending on which direction you choose. 

On top of that, YouHodler is the only platform that allows you to “lock trade.” Meaning you can open two (or more) positions for the same asset at the same time in opposite directions. Unlike on other exchanges, Multi HODL features a super easy to use interface with real execution, free rollover, simple editing on opens deals, and much more. It’s an efficient tool to get creative with your EOS crypto so give a try today. 

EOS interest account + EOS Multi HODL: a great new addition to any HODLers strategy

Whether you’re a passive HODLer just looking to earn 5% APY with an EOS interest account or an active HODLer looking to multiply your EOS crypto up to x30, YouHodler has a little bit of everything for all strategies. You won’t know what’s best for you until you try it out. Perhaps you find the best strategy is a little mix of both passive income and more aggressive trades. 

All we suggest is you test everything and don’t be shy to ask us any questions. Our support team is here 24/7 to help you unlock your inner HODLer. Congrats again to EOS for the great news and we hope you all enjoy these new upgrades!


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