YouHodler Decentraland Treasure Hunt: The Results Are In!

May 13, 2022
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The results are in for YouHodler’s first ever Decentraland Treasure Hunt! Before delving into the debriefing and interviews with the winners, we just want to thank everyone who participated in this historic event. It was a ton of fun watching you experience this digital wonderland. We hoped you liked it as much as we did. Now, in the name of transparency, curiosity, and in general, entertainment, let's run some numbers and see the results.

The YouHodler Treasure Hunt: Debriefing

Overall, the Treasure Hunt was a smashing success with over 1,000 participants engaging in the Treasure Hunt from May 2nd - 4th, 2022. As expected, the audience was well balanced, consisting of both YouHodler and Decentraland community members. For three days, the event trended on Decentraland and the NFT wearables were a large part of that. 

Due to surging demand, the wearable hoodies ran out quickly but YouHodler later airdropped more directly into client’s wallets. 

As for the final winners, there was, unfortunately, a little bit of controversy. In total, there were three winners with the winning rules eventually adjusted due to some community feedback and suspected cheating by contestants. The Day 1 winner was disqualified due to a breach of the Terms and Conditions (participated from a restricted country). The guidelines clearly stated that all players must verify their identity before beginning. This player failed to do so. The runner-up winner for day one did not reply so we are currently working on giving away the prize for day one.

The second day was much more positive. The winner of that day performed a total of 63 attempts to perfect his results and managed to win. So congratulations to that person and their resilience. 

For the final day on day three, YouHodler also decided to throw in a surprise bonus prize for all new users who participated and also kept the tweet published -- one of the tasks during the Treasure Hunt. Those who did that received a $30 MANA welcome reward.  

Overall, the first-ever Treasure Hunt was a ton of fun and the community left lots of positive feedback. For the next one, we will experiment with a longer duration, more challenging tasks, and a bigger YouHodler building with multiple floors. Stay tuned for more details in the future! 

Now, let’s take a minute to meet the winners from days one and two and see how they enjoyed the game, and what they will do with their prize. 

Interview with Day 2 winner 

Q: First of all, congratulations on winning YouHodler’s first Treasure Hunt! So, how was the game in your opinion?

A: The game was very stressful, but the experience was positive!

Q: How did you find out about the Treasure Hunt?

A: I found out about the Treasure Hunt in Decentraland and also from the community there.

Q: What do you think about the campaign? Any suggestions?

A: The campaign was good! I think if more countries could participate it would be one of the most popular events in Decentraland!

Q: What will you do with the prize? Are you intending to keep all/some of your winnings in YouHodler for Savings or use them for other products like Multi HODL?

A: I haven't made a final decision yet. Perhaps I will! Thanks for your suggestions. 

Q: Would you participate in the future?

Of course!

Q: Again, thanks so much for your participation, and congrats on winning. Before we leave, do you have any additional thoughts?

I think the next competition should be longer and more challenging, the competition would be even more interesting that way (e.g. parkour event).

Interview with Day 3 winner 

Q: Congratulations on winning day three of the Treasure Hunt! So in your opinion, how was the game? 

A: This was my first time playing a Treasure Hunt on the Metaverse. I found it refreshing, but I have to say I was expecting something more difficult because of the huge $30K reward for the winners! I would have loved to see a bigger building with multiple floors and some more in-depth questions about your platform. For example, where it all started for YouHodler, how many stablecoins you offer interest rates on etc.

Q: Thanks for the suggestions. We'll certainly consider that next time. So how did you find out about the Treasure Hunt? 

A: I have been using YouHodler for some time now, so I received an email from you guys about this Treasure Hunt. I also saw many posts about it on Twitter which was nice to see!

Q: What do you think about the campaign?

A: I love the campaign, and I hope the YouHodler platform got a bunch of new Hodlers from this creative idea. 

Q: What will you do with the prize? Keep in YouHodler for Savings or use for other products like MultiHodl?

A: I will probably send a small portion of it to my Binance card and keep the rest on YouHodler because I love your platform and it has been really lovely to use. 

Q: Would you participate in the future?

A: I will 100% participate again in your upcoming metaverse and non-metaverse events!

Q: Thanks for the kind words. Any additional thoughts?

A: As I said before, I loved the idea of a Treasure Hunt, but would love to see a bigger building that impacts when you stand in front of it (the way it looks, etc, a higher building with beautiful YouHodler art on it maybe?). I also loved the fact that you guys gave out 1,000 YouHodler NFTs to participants. I would see that again, but this time a pair of YouHodler pants maybe? This would make the outfit complete.

Congratulations again to all the winners of this Treasure Hunt. For those who participated but did not win, you also did a great job, and hope you sign up again next time. We will certainly do something like this again so please follow all our social media channels and the YouHodler blog so you don’t miss a beat.

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