Win a Trip Around the World (and more) for Just $100

Jul 1, 2021
A couple looks online to plan their summer crypto journey

With the warm weather and borders back open, it’s time to start traveling again. YouHodler is excited about travel too...which is why we have a great new promo to help you out. The instructions are simple and anyone can participate. Read the rules below to start your crypto journey off right.

How to participate in YouHodlers’ “Crypto Journey” promo

All it takes is just $100 in either fiat or crypto to win one of the three main prizes--or one of the eight NFT bonus prizes. So just follow these three simples rules to get started:

  1. Open and verify an account with YouHodler
  2. Top up your wallet with at least $100 in any currency on the platform
  3. Confirm your participation on the promo page with your profile ID. 

That’s it! You’re ready to go. But what about the prizes? What can you win with just $100? Let’s take a look

“Crypto Journey” promo prizes: win a trip around the world!

In total, we have eleven amazing prizes to win as part of the "Crypto Journey" promotion. There are three main prizes and eight bonus prizes.

- 1st place winner: Wins a trip around the world sponsored by OneWorld Alliance (eight total plane flights around the world).

- 2nd place winner: Wins a hotel subscription from Inspirato (valid for 4 months).

- 3rd place winner: Wins a brand new MacBook Pro (13”) so you can work from home on your future trips.

In addition, every single promo participant has the opportunity to win one of eight unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by a famous artist. 

As you remember guys, our mission is to connect the traditional finance world with a new digital economy. To support that inspirational goal, we want to give you a unique piece of digital art connected to a physical representation of it. Hence, every week, we will give away one unique NFT plus a physical picture of that NFT made by artist FRAKTALITY.

Just check this out. How cool is that?

We’ll send this picture directly to you at any address in the world. Of course, you'll have the copyrights of the same digital art as an NFT--meaning you have full ownership rights.

Promo dates and who can participate?

The promo runs from July 1 (00:01 UTC) - August 31 (23:59 UTC). All YouHodler users can participate except citizens from these countries.

We know you’re excited to hit the road and take advantage of the great weather and we hope YouHodler can help! So head over to our website or app and get this season started off right. 


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