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Enjoy Free Secured Cold Storage with Ledger Enterprise + YouHodler

The YouHodler Team
November 24, 2022
The YouHodler logo and the Ledger Enterprise logo together signifying a partnership.

The security of our client’s funds is an utmost priority regardless of market conditions. Hence, we're reminding you of YouHodler’s strong partnership with Ledger Enterprises. Since 2020, we’ve offered free cold storage solutions via Ledger Enterprises. This protects our clients from hacks and human errors while minimizing counter-party risk. 

What you need to know about cold storage on YouHodler

Here are some more facts to know about storing crypto on YouHodler: 

  • Cold storage is available by default: Every client already has access to cold storage thanks to our partnership with Ledger Enterprises. 
  • 3FA is optional: If you want to lock crypto withdrawals and protect your account from any potential theft, you should contact our support team to activate 3FA. It is an extra optional security feature. To deactivate 3FA, you just need to use our biometric verification tool. This takes a few minutes and all you need is a camera and your ID. 
  • Unrestricted access to our services: 3FA does not restrict you from using YouHodler. Even after activating 3FA, you can use all YouHodler services such as Multi HODL, Dual Asset, Loans, Yield accounts, and exchange. 

We want to say again that all clients - regardless of 3FA activation or not - can get free Ledger cold storage. Now, you can enjoy top-tier security while utilizing our various crypto services. 

For more information on how to enable 3FA, please CLICK HERE.

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