Blockchain Jobs: Is Now the Time to Start a Web3 Career?

May 5, 2023
A man searches for a blockchain job

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Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the digital landscape, including opening new career pathways. Web3, which revolves around blockchain tech, is rapidly growing. Crypto layoffs are decelerating in 2023, and the market is stabilizing. This makes it the perfect time to look for blockchain jobs! 

The Web3 industry offers freedom, excitement, autonomy, and profit. Better yet, you don’t need to be a blockchain developer or IT expert to pursue a Web3 career.

Whether your experience is in tech, business, finance, or digital marketing, there’s a job for you. Web3 startups are eager to employ innovative professionals across the globe. Interested in joining an industry worth over USD 10 billion and rising? Here are seven reasons that will convince you of its benefits. 

1. Growing career prospects in blockchain technology

Automation, AI, and machinery are replacing millions of jobs every year. From accounting to retail, technology is taking over human jobs. If you want to join an industry with a steadily growing number of job prospects, blockchain is the answer. The blockchain industry is growing at a tremendous 87% every year! 

Plus, blockchain experience is a transferable skill. Blockchain technology is changing how several other sectors function. Banking, healthcare, education, and even agriculture are incorporating blockchain into their activities. Organizations are now asking how they can use blockchain, rather than if they should. 

Yes, the crypto market is volatile, but that hasn’t slowed demand. Demand for blockchain experts grew by over 550% in 2022. Blockchain is one of the top technical skills organizations everywhere are looking for. If you want a stable career with lots of job variety, join the Web3 wave. 

2. Stability and financial security

You’ll sleep better knowing that your Web3 career is secure. Crypto layoffs are decelerating, and experts think the market will stabilize and grow in 2023. The industry overall is expected to grow in profitability. With your blockchain skills in high demand, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever struggle to find work. Plus, blockchain is a horizontal technology carving out the future of finance. It’s beneficial to all kinds of users and businesses. This makes your blockchain services highly valuable. You’re likely to find high-paying, long-term jobs. 

3. Boost your existing career

You don’t have to abandon your past career for a Web3 position. Instead, use the opportunity to enhance your existing skills. Adding a blockchain lens to your skillset is attractive in many sectors. You can fulfill a similar role to your past positions in a Web3 blockchain startup. 

These can include project manager, graphic designer, and legal or marketing consultant. By joining a blockchain organization, you can educate yourself on the technology. This enables you to pursue more competitive positions with a wider skill range. 

4. Free educational resources

You don’t need to go back to school or get a degree to build your Web3 qualifications. The blockchain community is supportive, offering a plethora of free educational resources. Much of the materials you need to enter a Web3 job are open-source, and available online. 

E-books, podcasts, and even online courses can help you build up your credentials. You can also decide to get a degree and specialize in blockchain technology. More universities are offering accredited blockchain courses every day. 

The blockchain space is also collaborative. You can join online forums or group chats to ask for more information and advice. There are many beginner-friendly spaces online where you can ask for tips and learning resources. Starting a Web3 career also means you have the support of a huge online community!

5. Remote work options

Want to work from home, set your hours, and maintain your independence as you level up your career? The Web3 sector offers so much more flexibility to employees. Whether you’re a full-time developer or a part-time freelancer, you’ll have plenty of options. Web3 start-ups are more understanding of your individual needs. 

Some people are more effective when they have the option to choose remote working. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the benefits of a more flexible work schedule and location. With restrictions now eased, you might be dreading having to go back to the office. Get rid of long commutes in traffic, sitting in a dull office, and getting micromanaged. Switching to a career in Web3 will open doors to more flexible jobs that offer remote positions.

6. Diverse opportunities

Web3 has limitless potential across many industries. Many careers eventually lead to a pigeonhole. This is when you’ve built up lots of experience, but are tied down to one niche in a business. With a Web3 career, you’ll find no trouble in moving up the ladder or transitioning to a new industry. 

People in blockchain jobs work with companies in several industries. You can transition to healthcare, education, gaming, and supply chain management. If you love variety and unique challenges in your work, blockchain jobs are a perfect choice. 

7. Creative and innovative projects

Having the ability to exercise creativity and innovation at work is a necessity for many. Monotony in the workplace can kill motivation, no matter what the job is. In blockchain jobs, you’ll have to think outside of the box. There are all kinds of blockchain projects that you can incorporate your interests and creative skills into. 

You’ll lead change in blockchain-enabled businesses. Blockchain is breathing life into otherwise stagnant sectors. Web3 is at the forefront of digital transformation, and there are many projects even beginners can join. You may work with influencers, the world’s top corporations, and revolutionary start-ups. 

How to get a job at a blockchain startup

Now that we’ve convinced you to start a Web3 career, here’s how you can get hired at a blockchain start-up. 

  • Build your qualifications: Start by building your skills, experience, and certifications in the blockchain. With so many free online resources, this won’t be difficult! Even novices in blockchain technology can learn the basics and achieve attractive qualifications. Key concepts to study in-depth include P2P networking, cryptography, and DLT. Startups are even open to hiring blockchain developers who lack a degree. What matters is knowledge, experience, and drive.
  • Get familiar with blockchain technology: Familiarize yourself with the DLT (distributed ledger technology) and crypto platforms. Join their related communities on apps like Discord to gain a deeper understanding of user experience. You’ll probably be working closely with one of these platforms in the future. You’ll need strong personal knowledge of how they function. 
  • Learn how blockchains are built: A bonus skill that will attract start-ups is proficiency in a coding language. If you can help develop blockchain architecture, you’ll be in even higher demand. 
  • Expand your connections: Lastly, network with the blockchain community and get to know your options. You can make connections, find job opportunities, and negotiate on your requirements. If you still lack experience, you can find a position as an intern or volunteer. This will start you on a path to gaining valuable real-world experience.

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