April 2019 in Review: New Coins and Roadmap Sneak Peak

May 8, 2019

The end of April marks a productive month for YouHodler and the crypto industry on the whole. While the bull run pulled back just a little bit, YouHodler is not slowing down with releasing new features for their community and planning more for the future. April saw YouHodler add new coins to their platform like DASH and EOS as well as their first ever token, Auger (REP). There were also a number of industry announcements from the team that will help lay down the road map for May and beyond.

New coins, diverse options, and more utility

Due to popular demand from community members, YouHodler added DASH and EOS to their growing list of coins that includes, BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, XRP, XLM, LTC, and more. YouHodler users can choose any of these options to use as collateral for a crypto backed line of credit. Furthermore, they can convert any of these crypto options to other cryptos on the platform in addition to stablecoins (USDT) and to fiat (USD or EUR).

Also joining the family is Augur (REP), the first token included on the platform. Just like all other cryptocurrencies on the platform, REP holders can now utilize the value of their REP assets in the real world without having to sell off their investments. In the near future, REP HODLers can also convert to any listed coin on YouHodler.

Do you want to book your next holiday with crypto?

In order to showcase the user-friendly capabilities of their platform, YouHodler released a step-by-step guide on how to sign up, receive a loan and withdraw those funds instantly to a credit card for the purpose of real-world transactions. This specific example showed the simplicity of using crypto backed line of credit to book a trip via Airbnb, Expedia and more via YouHodler’s instant fiat-to-credit/debit card withdrawal feature.

BSV drama inspires “customer first” initiative for YouHodler

All the drama surrounding Dr. Craig Wright and the “#deslistbsv” movement really stirred up the cryptosphere this path month. YouHodler took this as an opportunity to remind their community of their “customer first policy.” In a recent blog post, YouHodler stated:

“Our number one priority is to put customers first and it has been that way since day one. So to support the group of BSV HODLers on our platform, we will continue to list this coin. In the decentralized and transparent market, only the users can decide what survives and what does not. It is not up to us or the large corporations of this market, especially when the matter is subjective.”

Note: There will be a short maintenance period for BSV from 1–8 of May. BSV service will resume after the maintenance period.

Exclusive sneak peak into YouHodler’s may roadmap

Just as April was a busy month for the team, May will continue on with the same intensity. YouHolder will continue its expansion through the European continent with new features and coin additions. Taking high priority is credit card deposit to fiat accounts. This will let anyone with an approved credit card deposit fiat funds directly into their YouHodler account. They can then convert these fiat funds to any of the crypto or stable coin options on the platform.

More utility for fiat funds on YouHodler will be coming soon. Follow their progress via the company blog, Telegram or social media (@YouHodler).

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