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What is Basic Attention Token?

What is Basic Attention Token?

Basic Attention Token


What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) -- perhaps best known as the native utility token on Brave Browser -- is a crypto token that aims to fix the old digital advertising model using blockchain technology. To do this, Brave Browser connects users to content creators directly--allowing users to earn BAT tokens from advertisers by selecting an option to do so on the browser. This allows users to choose who they want to support while also browsing in a fast, private, and safe manner. 

The amount of BAT a user can earn by watching an ad is calculated based on how much time that ad is seen in an active tab plus the number of visible pixels in the ad compared to the number of pixels that make up the rest of the page. In layman’s terms, the bigger the ad is on your screen, the more you can make. 

In addition, publishers also earn BAT because the content they made brings users to their website where ads are located. Hence, publishers are inspired to make better content so they can earn from the users and users can earn from their ads. The more time a user spends watching a creator’s ad, then the more both can earn. The BAT token is also available for tipping content creators or to donate regularly. What makes this feature so popular amongst crypto enthusiasts is the privacy aspect.

Unlike donating or tipping with dollars in the real world, doing so with BAT is completely private and anonymous. As an ERC-20 token, every available transaction is publicly on the blockchain but the identity is always private. That allows you to tip to whoever you want without sacrificing privacy. 

What is the Basic Attention Token price?

YouHodler aggregates prices from top centralized exchanges to provide an accurate Basic Attention Token price and charts. 

Where to buy Basic Attention Token?

The easiest way to buy Basic Attention Token is to purchase it through a crypto app like YouHodler. Our universal cryptocurrency exchange service lets you convert any crypto, fiat, or stablecoin with competitive fees.

How to earn interest on Basic Attention Token?

The best way to earn interest on Basic Attention Token is by depositing it in a YouHodler savings account. Interest payments occur weekly and YouHodler features compounding interest. 

How to take a loan with Basic Attention Token?

You can get a loan with Basic Attention Token in stablecoins by depositing your Basic Attention Token as collateral. YouHodler offers the best rates you can get anywhere. Don’t sell your crypto. Use it as collateral and keep its value for later. 

How to trade Basic Attention Token?

Leverage market volatility to stack your crypto portfolio and trade Basic Attention Token with Multi HODL. Multi HODL is a user-friendly tool to take advantage of market swings in either direction. Become an “active HODLer” today. 

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