Personal Finance Trading Competition

We are excited to join forces with Dario Pirella of Personal Finance  to bring you the ultimate Trading Showdown. This contest is your golden chance to show off your trading skills and win amazing prizes!

Youhodler for Personal Finance

Dario Pirella, founder and CEO of Personal Finance, is a Crypto Finance Expert certified by Scarossa GmbH and Bravis GmbH, two of the best Swiss companies that offer training and certification in the crypto finance sector.

''We all spend money every day, but we don't realize that the main resource each of us has is not money, but time. You pay a price in “time” when the latter is used male or taken for granted. When this principle is applied to your life, you realize that every day millions of people trade their time for money. The mission of Personal Finance is to undermine this belief rooted in people's heads and help them understand that money must work for money, not people.''
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Win a share of our $2,650 prize pool! Every trade counts, and the top traders will claim their worthy rewards.

1500 usdt


750 usdt


250 usdt


100 usdt


50 usdt

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Frequently asked questions

Promo Details and F.A.Q.

We have all the answers

How to calculate the trading volume?

The trading volume formula on YouHodler is calculated based on the (input+output) x Multiplier (+profit). For example, you are trading BTC/USDT and you open a deal with $1000 input and use a 5x multiplier. You close your deal with $100 profit, thus, your trading volume is: (1000+1000) x 5 + 100 = $10100. In case of closing with $100 loss, the trading volume is: (1000+900) x 5 = $9500
Note: During the contest, there will be quizzes, winners will get X multiplier for their trading volume

What are the exact dates of the promo campaign?

The contest will run from 10/06/2024 at 00:00 UTC until 15/07/2024 at 23:59 UTM

What should I do to participate ?

In order to participate you have to join YouHodler from Personal Finance's referral code/Link or by signing up from this page. Deposit and trade your favorite pair in MultiHODL, that is it

Prize details

Prize pool of $5000 paid in usdt to the winners wallet in YouHodler: 🥇 First Place: $1500🥈 Second Place:: $750🥉 Third Place: $300🎖 4th Place $100🎖 5th Place: $50

How can I find out my ranking?

Regularly check the participation board above, your trading volume will be automatically added to the table.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to change the rules of the promo unilaterally and at any time. We will advertise any changes that occur to the terms. We reserve the right to exclude any user from the promo if he/she somehow violated the terms of the promo.

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